Basic Machinery Needed for the Scrap Metal Recycling Industry

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Every year, heaps of waste metal is being produced which pose a serious threat to our planet. However, there’s a way to save our environment by turning junk into cash. As most of us know, the process of recycling involves the conversion of scrap or waste materials into new products. The process of recycling helps in conserving our natural resources as it reduces the need to extract fresh raw material from the Earth.

Metal and plastic together constitute the largest portion of waste materials. With such an enormous amount of scrap being produced worldwide, scrap metal recycling has become a lucrative business over the past few years. Interestingly, countries are not only recycling the scrap but are also, trading it to other nations. Although scrap metal recycling is a profitable business, it requires a lot of technical know-how.

Now, having read about the benefits of scrap metal recycling, you might want to know about the basics of setting up a metal recycling unit. So, here is a list of basic machinery which goes into the industry.

Agitators: This machine is used for shaking or stirring the materials. Agitators are available in three types, that is, washing machine agitator, the magnetic agitator, and the manual agitator.

Balers: Metal Balers crushes the metal by compressing them. These are of different kinds, like cardboard, horizontal and vertical.

Conveyors: Material handling and bulk material handling are the two types of Conveyors available for the purpose of waste transportation. The metal recycling industries, generally, uses bulk material handling conveyors.

Compactors: There are industrial compactors and trash compactors. This machine helps in reducing the size of the waste material.

Cranes: Cranes are found in almost every industry for the lifting purpose. Cranes are used to move materials up, down and horizontally.

Downdraft Tables: Their purpose is to ventilate the dust, smoke, and fumes generated during the process of recycling.

Dust Collectors: This machine collects the dust and other impurities released during the process to keep the atmosphere clean.

Hydraulic Lifts: Aerial Lifts, Rotary Lifts, and Scissor Lifts are commonly used in industrial lifts.

Incinerators: In order to process waste through combustion of the organic substances, Incinerators are used.

Industrial Loaders: Backhoe Loaders, Bulldozers, Compacting Loaders, Electric Hoists, Forklifts, etc are used to transport scrap metal.

Magnets: To separate metal scrap, magnets are used. They are of different types, such as Electromagnets, Lifting Magnets, and Magnetic Grates.

Pulverizers:Pulverizers or grinder is used in the metallurgical industry for crushing tough metal parts and particles. This mechanical device, used for the grinding of many different types of materials, is of various types, like Grinding Mills, Hammermills and Jaw Crushers.

Shredders: The metal scrap shredders are required to shrink the size of scrap metal.

Vibratory Feeders & Recycling Screens: For the metal scrap of any quantity, vibratory machines help in conveying, screening and feeding the scrap.

In a nutshell, scrap metal recycling is not only beneficial but is also profitable as these recycled metals make their way to various end-user industries, like automotive, building & construction, and industrial machinery.

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