Common Misconceptions About Security Guards

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With the increase in the number of thefts and crimes, security has become the need of the hour. Whether it is a large-scale event, a commercial building or expensive possessions, everything needs security checks to prevent any fraud or burglary. And it is the reason that many people are installing surveillance systems and hiring security guards.


Presence of security guards can bring a sense of discipline in the premises of your commercial building and criminals will stay away. Moreover, at any event, people will behave decently and will not commit any nuisance because of the fear of being caught.


However, several people hold certain misconceptions about security guards and their profession. If you are also one of them who believe in baseless myths, then this article is for you.

The following are the common misconceptions about security guards that you should dispel right now.


Myths #1. All security guards are men. 

No doubt, this industry is male-dominated, but that doesn’t mean that there are no women in this profession. The demand for women security guards is increasing day by day, and in the upcoming time, more women will take on the diverse roles in the security industry.


The presence of females in this industry is actually advantageous as other women present at any event can comfortably narrate their problems to the lady security guard. Moreover, men and women think differently, so ideas of both of them are equally important for handling the security of any site, building or event.


Myth #2. Security guards are unskilled. 

This is the most common myth and is not at all true. The reality is guards are highly skilled professionals. They are trained to predict the security problem in advance and respond to them before they actually occur. Only a qualified and licensed security guard is allowed to provide the services, whatever the area of the world you live in. Moreover, a security guard is supposed to obey a set of rules, that only an educated one can follow.


Myth #3. Security guards are harsh with the public. 

In today’s modern world, security guards are not at all rude. Gone are the days when security guards were portrayed as rude people. Nowadays, they are trained to interact positively with the employees, customers and visitors.


However, because of their profession, they had to be strict, but that doesn’t mean that they cannot interact properly with the public.


Myth #4. Hiring security guards is too costly. 

Some business owners believe that they cannot afford security guards. Usually, this is not true. The benefits of hiring a security guard are far more than their cost. Guards can prevent theft, deter crime and can extend a higher level of security to businesses as well as employees. They can prevent you from facing a huge monetary loss. So, overall it is cost-effective to hire the services of a security guard.


Myth #5. Security guards need to be tall and muscular.

No doubt, the presence of a muscular guard can deter the criminal, but the presence of mind, keen eye, and intelligence are more important aspects. An intelligent and non-muscular person can take more apt and smart actions than a dull and muscular guard.


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