EMI Shielding: Everything you should know

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There is a magnetic field around every appliance when electricity flows through its conductor. This electromagnetic energy can traverse into other devices or their connecting cables. The interference, thus created through the magnetic field of the source into the recipient, is called Electromagnetic Interference. It has an adverse effect on the working of other devices and can easily halt their work. It can corrupt the signals, cause data loss, or even failure of the appliance. Here are the three components of Electromagnetic Interference:

  • Source: The source of the interference is the electronic whose magnetic signals are interfering with other devices. It can slow down or harm the recipient.
  • Path: The path of the interference is where the signal coupling happens. There are several modes for the same, like Radiative EMI or Capacitive EMI.
  • Recipient/Victim: The device that faces the interference is the recipient. It can affect the working speed, lead to data loss, or stop the device.

A simple example of EMI is when you’re on a flight. The staff members ask you to switch off your phones. This is because your mobile’s signals can affect an airplane’s sensitive equipment. It is because of electromagnetic interference.

However, there’s a solution for this interference. Electromagnetic Shielding is a barrier that protects a device from being interrupted by other electromagnetic signals. Also, it prevents the device from emitting such signals that could harm other devices in the same place. If you want to protect your electronics from such signals, it’s best to get in touch with a Shielding specialist to work on your electronics. They can assess your needs and provide the best solutions. Let’s go over some benefits you would get by opting for EMI Shielding:

Power Faults

A short circuit is an example of a fault in power. When the electric current is interfered with, it can lead to short-circuiting or other forms of faults. This can be harmful to the appliance and can lead to long-term damage too. EMI Shielding can prevent this and protect your electronics.

Brownouts or blackouts

EMI Shielding is also efficient in preventing blackouts. It prevents the electromagnetic signals of different electronics from interfering, thus protecting both of them. The Shielding encloses a certain electronic to prevent it from interfering with other devices too. It serves a double purpose of both protecting itself and others in the same environment.

Protect your devices

There are several harmful effects of EMI. It can lead to data loss on your electronics or easily harm any of them. Furthermore, it would slow down the recipient device and affect its working. Due to power outages, you could experience loss of work. So, you should invest in the necessary preventive measures to avoid this. EMI Shielding is the perfect choice that would help keep everything in good shape.


You should contact a Shielding expert to get started. They can help provide tailored solutions for your home or commercial space and find the best materials for Shielding. It’ll protect your electronics and prevent any losses.

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