Everything You Need to Know About LVT Floors

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Luxury vinyl tile flooring has become trendy because of its appearance, durability and attractive look. These floors are mostly installed in the kitchens and bathrooms, but because of its low price and high performance, it can be installed in any room.


The material is generally designed for high traffic areas which could be changed when required, unlike hardwood floors that are highly expensive and difficult to maintain.


People who are obsessed with hardwood floors but are familiar with the high maintenance can go with the better choice of installing luxury vinyl tiles that look exactly like hardwood and only the eye of an expert can identify it.


Vinyl floors are readily available in the market but going with the right choice can be stressful; therefore asking questions regarding LVT is a must to limit your choice and to find the right one.


Let’s have a look at some questions that will fill you with true knowledge about Luxury Vinyl Tile flooring.


1) What are the key benefits of luxury vinyl tile floors?


  • Cost-effective-  The price is unbelievably affordable as compared to many other floorings. For example, purchasing hardwood floors and getting the installed requires a lot of money whereas LVT floors are cost-effective.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing- LVT floors are made using the latest technology and it appears so natural. It comes in a variety of textures that are difficult to differentiate with hardwood floors. Incorporating them would save you a lot of dollars.
  • Easy to Maintain- Unlike other floors, they are easy to maintain since stains and dirt can be cleaned using a mop.
  • Environmental Friendly- They are made up of entirely natural and environmental friendly products.


2) Is Any Warranty Required?


Usually, the warranty depends upon the manufacturer you are buying the tiles from. However, a warranty is provided with most of the materials. Warranties come with terms and conditions decided by the company. If your tiles get damaged due to valid reasons and are under warranty, they could be replaced with a new set.


3) What is Required during Installation?


If you are a DIY person, then taking an LVT task in hand could be manageable. But going for a professional is always a good idea.

LVT follows the layout of existing subfloor when it comes to installing them. Use the adhesive that will not damage the surface below it while laying the LVT flooring.


To enable your tiles to slide through door trims, make use of handsaw or an oscillating saw. To install the tiles properly, fit them once without glue to check the shape.


3) Are They Easy to Maintain?


Many homeowners are concerned about the maintenance of their floors, but they should know that maintenance is an everyday task, but it should not require special substances, equipment and procedures. Keeping in mind the above factors, install luxury vinyl tile floors to skip the high maintenance routine.


The easiest way to clean them is to use a mop and a mild cleaner to wipe away the dust. Avoid dragging items on the floor as it can damage the surface. Gently wipe it.

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