Exploring the Benefits of Workstation Cranes

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With excessive competition in every field, business owners are looking for easy solutions to maintain the ergonomics of their warehouse to the highest levels. However, where some industries are trying their best to top the list, some are trying to enter it. Many industrialists have come to know about the mantra of enhancing productivity and beating the competition. The mantra is simple-


  • Bringing ease in operations
  • Building low maintenance design
  • Deployment of compact material handling equipment
  • Having better management skills


Incorporating lightweight, modular material handling equipment such as conveyors, lifting carts and pallets can ease your work up to 50 per cent. However, with the usage of workstation cranes, you can reduce the workloads further up to 30 per cent.


Where the warehouses and manufacturing units face daily challenges, work station cranes can be used to address these difficulties seamlessly. Let’s have a look!


1) Compact design aids movement- If you think that workstation cranes are like traditional cranes, heavy and stout. You might be wrong since workstation cranes are manufactured, keeping in mind the modularity and lightweight. Although workstation cranes are compact and lightweight, yet they can uplift heavy and bulky loads. Their railing design makes the movement of cranes flowy and smooth within the warehouse, allowing little force for facilitating the movement.


2) Safe operations-When the owners deploy machines with complex functions; they need to understand that most of the workers working in their warehouse are illiterate and may not comprehend the process efficiently. Using such heavy machines can cause injuries to the workers as well as to the product when not operated correctly. Therefore, options like workstation cranes become a convenient choice for their easy handling, zero product damage and enhanced manoeuvrability.


3) Improve the ergonomics- If you are planning to install workstation cranes, be ready to witness improved ergonomics of your place. These cranes offer versatility in handling and moving loads of various sizes and types. You can either use them to transfer bulky loads through a linear path or go for connecting them from one end to the other anywhere in your warehouse. Their flexible design and easy installation make them eligible for installing at various locations including storage houses, manufacturing units, repair workstations and so on.


4) Offers more flooring space- Warehouses are busy workstations with workers loading, moving and unloading the material at any place. Moreover, you can witness the floor being occupied with almost all sorts of things, including equipment, tools, foot traffic, products, etc. How will you deploy cranes in such a busy lane? Well, this is when enclosed track systems come into the limelight. They can be incorporated using customized bridges and rails suspended higher from the floor, thereby sparing the flooring space from getting packed


5) Reduce the need for the workforce- Most of the material handling equipment requires many workers for proper operation. However, with workstation crane, you require just one operator to handle all the system operations. Therefore, such systems reduce the number of workers needed in the facility, thereby reducing the accidents, injuries, foot traffic, energy and time.




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