Five Must-Ask Questions from Your Potential Cleaning Contractor

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Whether you are looking for a cleaning company for your office or house, you must get quality, value, and performance for the money you spend. I can understand that amongst so many businesses starting up in this field, it can be challenging to shortlist the best one. But, I am sure that with little research and knowledge, you can differentiate a contractor who can actually provide you with the services you are looking for.

Following is the list of questions that I have accumulated that you as a customer must ask from your potential cleaning contractor before making any final call –

Q1. What is your area of expertise – residential or commercial?

Now, this might sound a little strange to you thinking how these two areas of specializations are different. Well, it is because a commercial set up like office, factory, or storehouse is a lot different than a household. The cleaning supplies aren’t the same and the techniques used are distinct too. So, do ask the contractors for what their teams are trained in.

Q2. What is your experience in the industry?

It is essential that you thoroughly vet the contractor you hire based on their work experience. The new entrants can be equally good, but a cleaning company that has spent four to five years in the community serving the needs of different clients is comparatively reliable. They have built a reputation and a great portfolio, and also achieved success in carrying out the operations.

Q3. Do you have proper insurance?

Major accidents rarely happen when cleaning, but when they do the situations can get untamable. At times, there can be heavy equipment, moving machinery that a commercial cleaning contractor has to handle and that can be dangerous. So, you must look for licensed and insured cleaning services that can take the liability of the damages to your property as well as the people working on-site, just in case any serious injuries occur.

Q4. What is your schedule availability?

There are plenty of service providers that schedule facility cleaning during the late evening hours when everyone has left for the day. Otherwise, the majority of contractors you meet offer daytime services only. So, first, clarify the schedule that would work for you and then discuss with the cleaning company. See, if they are open for those timings and can fulfil your expectations.

Q5. Can you provide client and work references?

A company that is experienced and well-established has a huge base of loyal customers to flaunt. It has abundant of reviews and testimonials from satisfied clients and never hesitates to provide them to you. So, before making your final selection, contact the references and see what they have to say. Ask about their experience with the prospective company and the level of professionalism it portrayed. Do not ever rely only on online reviews as they can be fake and mislead you entirely.


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