Five Reasons to Hire Chapter 7 Lawyers before Filing for Bankruptcy

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Filing for bankruptcy is a complicated process that must be handled by professionals who are experts in the field. In this case, these are Chapter 7 lawyers who can assist individuals in filling forms and going through the legal process. Listed below are a few reasons why Chapter 7 lawyers play a vital role in the filing for bankruptcy process:
1. The matter is complex: there are several complex decisions involved in this process. An example is the income based test which is used to analyse one’s expenses and income. Several applicants tend to make mistakes on certain aspects of this test as there are different criteria to be considered. For example when it comes to reporting the size of the household, there are varying opinions on who constitutes the number of individuals residing. Chapter 7 lawyers can easily assist applicants in deciphering these criteria and filling the information required

2. Understanding Legality: there are several rules and regulations that are concerned with the filing of bankruptcy that are mandated by governing bodies. It is extremely important to adhere to these laws to ensure that the application is accepted. A lawyer with the understanding and qualification to deal with clients filing for bankruptcy is an asset that helps speed the process up. Further, in the absence of a knowledgeable lawyer, individuals could violate regulations and therefore have their application rejected, delayed, or nullified. Since 2005, it has become harder for individuals to receive relief from filing for bankruptcy as they have to pass the “means test,” which essentially determines whether or not an individual’s income is low enough.

3. Familiarity with Court Procedures: Knowledgeable and experienced attorneys possess the knowledge of court procedures that most laymen are unaware of. Therefore it is important to hire such an attorney to help with processes involving essential documents and information that is required by the jury. It is necessary for the individual concerned to work with an attorney who is properly qualified and educated in the field.

4. Knowing which Chapter to Choose: Chapter 7 and 13 both govern the process of filing bankruptcy. It is important to understand which is suitable for the current case and this can be done by employing a knowledgeable lawyer who can explain these chapters to the client and also advise them on which is the better option.

5. Lastly, Chapter 7 lawyers can help clients provide the bankruptcy trustee with additional documents pertaining to the case to back up the filed claims. These lawyers can act as a mediator who provides, files, double checks documents, and also explain unclear terms to the trustee so as to avoid any delays or nullification.

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