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Floor installation is one of the most difficult tasks, the choice of flooring is the most basic but at the same time an important decision. New flooring gives the home a new vibe, it makes you feel better. There are a lot of DIY floor installation processes, which will help you sharpen your DIY skills but there are times if the instruction is not followed properly, the flooring will result in a disaster. That’s when you would need to hire a professional installer. Such installers take great care during each installation process. However, before any installation, there are a few things that you must keep in mind:

  • Read the instruction properly. Educate yourself by watching several videos on youtube about different kinds of floor installation. If your manufacturer has not provided you with instruction, then make sure to ask them for the same.
  • Buy the right kind of tools, the instruction will provide you with the right kind of tool so make sure to buy them all. Most tools are available on rent these days.
  • Know your subfloor, most of them are either wood or concrete. However, by hiring a professional and by asking them to take a walk through before the installation day can ensure your preparation for the final day.

Different types of flooring require a different kind of preparation. Carpeting, Hardwood flooring, Laminate flooring, Tile flooring, Luxury Vinyl, all of these are different types of flooring. And each flooring has different rules. In carpeting flooring, you must clear the path properly, the room that gets carpeting must be empty, dry and swept clean. If there was a carpet before, make sure to leave the tack strips in place and remove any existing padding staples. Furthermore, you must prepare yourself for good ventilation for the next few days of installation and vacuum cleaning a bit more frequently.

Similarly, for Hardwood flooring, specialized tools and expertise are required. Hardwood has the tendency to first get accustomed to the environment, so it is very important that you have some extra space to keep them at home in advance. The range of humidity should also be adjusted. Likewise, for laminate flooring, you must keep in mind that it requires careful attention to molding. This type of flooring needs particular professional help. Laminate is never a good choice for a bathroom and laundry room. Patience and skill are two main things to negotiate doorway in laminate flooring.

Coming on to tile flooring, this flooring requires sub-floor preparation. The sub-floor is usually affixed with a water-resistant back-board before the actual flooring. Out of all the types of flooring Luxury Vinyl is the easiest of all and you can trust your DIY skills to handle this one. The adhesive of this type of flooring provides you with a number of undo and re-dos. There are two types of Luxury Vinyl flooring, one is the grouted and the other one is non-routed. Take the help of a professional to visualize the difference.

Lastly, every flooring has a few common processes that must be kept in mind. Such as, make sure to be home on the day of installation. Keep the work area clear of pets and children. Move and clear furniture and provide proper ventilation so that any bad odor can escape easily.

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