Six Things to Discuss With Your Scaffold Rental Company

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With so many renovations and construction projects being undertaken in Toronto every year, the necessity for scaffolding has become more crucial. Scaffolding systems are required irrespective of the type and scale of your project to guarantee the health and safety of anyone working on the job.

Scaffolding has been an integral part of home building jobs for years and remains a valuable structure. All thanks to its ability to create a secure working space and boost the productivity of the workers, especially in physically demanding professions.

So, if you plan to schedule scaffolding equipment hire at some point, contact a well-established scaffold rental company in your area. Make sure to discuss the following essential aspects and get them on board after thorough speculation –

  1. Background and Prior Experience

Installing, erecting, and then dismantling a scaffolding demands great focus and effort. It is something that cannot be achieved with the right kind of skill and training. That is why it is of utmost importance that you look for an experienced and qualified scaffolding crew that knows all the nuances of their job and can be relied upon completely.

  1. License and Certification

Only the contractors that are working in the best interests of the community and adhering to industry standards are given licenses. So, to ensure that you are working with a trustworthy contractor for the job, ask for the desired certifications and licenses. Do not put the workers on-site at risk or make them encounter any serious injuries.

  1. Customer Reference

The actual repo of your prospective scaffolding contractor in the market can be determined by speaking to the customers who have dealt with him in the past. Checking the testimonials on the websites, reviews & ratings on Google Business or knowing the first-hand experiences of everyone can help you know him better. Any company or contractor hesitating to provide references is a red flag.

  1. Costing

Scaffold companies of good repute are clear and open with their quotes. There are no hidden fees involved, and you can get upfront pricing to decide on your construction or renovation budget and by no means end up going overboard with it. At times, additional delivery, dismantling or storage charges can be involved. Hence, take a breakdown of total costs beforehand.

  1. Rental Duration

This is one of the parameters on which you have to address a company. Just like the cost estimate, a proper timeline has to be defined to plan the project. You cannot go on to rent out a scaffolding forever. So, make sure you discuss with the company as to how long you can hire the scaffolding for.

  1. Support Service

Whether you buy or rent scaffolding equipment, technical and design support from the team is crucial to handle the situations if they go wrong. However, some companies may or may not include it in the initial quote for the installation. Therefore, have a surety that you get the support you need.


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