Four Smart Tips to Design Your Kids’ Bedroom

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Designing your kids’ bedroom can be overwhelming. The task of bringing in all the little fun elements that can go a long time with the next phases of their life is exciting but tricky at the same time.

You may have considerable experience decorating other rooms and parts of your house, but designing the children’s room is a whole different matter. The wall paint, furniture, bed, decorative elements – everything needs to stand the test of time.

As kids grow out really quickly, you should invest in things that can workaround for a few years without getting out-dated. Thus, pay enough attention to the functionality of each aspect that you wish to add.

Here are four tips to help you avoid costly design mistakes and plan your kids’ bedroom makeover on a budget:

Use Colorful Wallpapers

Using peel-and-stick wallpapers is a great way to decorate the walls of your little one’s bedroom. It is the most viable and affordable solution when you are on rent and cannot paint. You can even remove it as it wears out or your child grows older. The best part is that you can find wallpapers in just about any color, theme or design. You can even get them customized on request.

Install Comfortable and Durable Flooring

Children love spending most of their time sitting and playing on the floors. Hence, choose a warm and comfy carpet or rugs for them to sit on. Carpets offer effective noise insulation but aren’t recommended if your young ones suffer from allergies. Choose vinyl, rubber, laminate or engineered wood instead that are low on maintenance and can withstand all the wear and tear of children.

Invest in Multifunctional Furniture

Pick out furniture pieces that can serve multiple purposes and are fit for an infant and interesting enough when he/she grows into a kid.  Think out of the box and search beyond standard furniture items. Look for a bed that has built-in storage underneath to put away extra toys and later on for books and stationery items. Similarly, when it is time to shop for a table, purchase a desk that can double up as a changing table in the initial period, and become a ready-made space to do homework once the school starts.

Get High-Quality Bunk Beds

When there is more than one kid in a home, he/she probably is supposed to share the bedroom with other siblings. Bunk beds are the smartest way out to utilize small and shared bedrooms in an efficient way. They instantly lift the aesthetics of the room and leave space to add other crucial pieces of furniture. Even the kids love them. However, you have to lay down safety rules so that they don’t injure themselves while playing or having fun together.

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