What would happen if you don’t Brush your Teeth? 10 Effects

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We all are told to brush our teeth at least twice a day, once in the morning as soon as we wake up and once before going to bed at the end of the day. Most people do, and some do not. The reason for not doing is usually laziness and most of the time the reason for not brushing the teeth regularly is the lack of knowledge as to what would happen if one does not brush his or her teeth regularly.

You may think brushing your teeth is not an important task as doing your homework or attending that important official meeting. But, let me tell you, brushing your teeth regularly is the most important above all your other activities. Not brushing your teeth can actually spoil and affect the people around you and impact all your other aspects of life and your performance in all other activities.

Not only does it hamper your other day to day activities, it could also spoil your health and can affect other parts of your body and even cause “heart attack”!!

You will get to know why and how does “not brushing your teeth” affect everything in your life by going through this article just once! Here are the 10 major impacts that you would face if you do not brush your teeth regularly.

10. Breeding of germs


When you do not brush your teeth, the bacteria that dwell in your mouth, especially on your teeth, start breeding more and more. They survive on the sugar and other food particles that are left in between your teeth and gums and slowly spoil the quality of your sense of taste. The food that you eat may no longer taste the same way as it did before. In fact, it will not taste good at all.

9. Bad Smell

9. Bad Smell

Many people have a bad breath in the morning even if they brush every night before going to bed. Then what about those who never brush at all? Well, the bacteria and other germs that happily breed in those teeth that have not seen a brush for a while would obviously let out a very bad smell. You may think that chewing a gum or a mint could help. But no, chewing gums do not kill those bacteria and they will not help you get rid of the bad smell either.

8. Tooth Discoloration and Stain

8. Tooth Discoloration and Stain

The color of the human teeth is supposed to white and not yellow. Coffee, wine, cola or other drinks or foods stain one’s teeth. Smoking also causes extrinsic stains. Not brushing will lead to the deposition of dirt on the teeth and the stain left behind by the foods and drinks will remain if not brushed and rinsed properly. The germs and dirt will also leave an ugly stain. It would become really hard to remove it as it gets darker with the number of days gone without cleaning them properly.

7. Tooth Decay and Cavity

7. Gingivitis

Plaque starts to build up on the teeth due to lack of proper cleaning and brushing. The germs do not just sit there inside the mouth. They do their own part in destroying whatever possible. They create cavities in your teeth which gives you a lot of pain. It also affects the gums. The gums swell due to infection and bleed when you try to brush your teeth after all this time. The only way to avoid this is to brush your teeth regularly.

6. Loss of Teeth


Just the thought of painful gums and bleeding, public isolation and other issues created such a horrible feeling. Even then if you do not start taking proper care, the next impact is quite serious. The decay will spread rapidly and will destroy the alveolar bones around your teeth and also lead to the loss your teeth themselves! It will also lead to severe swelling, inflammation and ulcers in the gums which spread into the lips, cheeks and jaw bones due to over breeding of bacteria.

5. It Affects the Baby Too!

1. Pregnancy

Apart from all these, if you are a pregnant woman, you are not only responsible for your own body but also for another one which is trying to grow into a healthy baby inside your womb. Whatever you eat and however you maintain your health not only impacts you, but also the baby in your womb. Lack of proper dental care would lead to poor birth weight, delayed conception and could cause a lot more troubles during the delivery of the baby.

4. Impact of Smoking + Not-Brushing

2. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Smoking affects the respiratory system very badly. Smoking as well as not brushing would be the worst of all. The smoke in your lungs alone would not cause Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) but the tobacco left in your gums and teeth will also provide a helping hand in increasing the chances of you suffering from COPD.

3. Other Major Health Issues

3. Heart attack, Stroke, Bronchitis, Diabetes and Alzheimer’s Disease

If your mouth is full of germs and bacteria and if it is bleeding, it acts as a gateway for many more infections and spread of diseases as it gives access to your blood stream. When left over a longer period of time, it can cause heart attack, diabetes, due to inhalation of fine droplets from your mouth it can reach your lungs and develop bronchitis. Those can also reach your brain and cause stroke, dementia and also damage all the vital parts of your body.

2. Social Issues

6. Social Issues

Till now we saw the impacts of not brushing your teeth on the teeth and gums. Now let us see how it impacts one’s social life. People would no longer love to come near you and chat with you happily because of the bad odor that your mouth would emit. It will only suffocate them. Nobody would like to see you either because of that dirty stains on your teeth.
Do you think your girlfriend or boyfriend would ever kiss you when you have a mouth like that? Obviously they wouldn’t. He/She would love you a lot, but that does not mean they would bear that horrible stinky mouth! Your partner would only be afraid of getting infected by all the germs that you carry in your mouth!

1. Impacts on Personal Life

5. Personal Impacts

Now that you are with the poorest hygiene when it comes to your teeth, you have nobody to talk to and be friendly with; you will only be left with loneliness and guilt. You lose all your confidence and you forget how to smile as you do not want to be embarrassed because of your dirty teeth and bleeding, swollen gums. Not only does it hinder your social growth but also your self confidence. Its takes a huge toll on your money as well as your health, on the whole, it perturbs your entire life!

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