How To Choose An Exterior Window Style?

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When making home renovations, not a lot of attention is paid to the windows. Most houses have windows which do not match the rest of the decor, and it significantly reduces the curb appeal. Windows reflect not only the refinery of the owner’s choices, but also act as focal points in making the interiors look good. Choosing the right exterior window style can do wonders for your house. Apart from the obvious aesthetic benefits, it will increase the resale value of your home and compliment your interiors and exterior architectural style in a much better way and bring in more natural light.

Not all styles go with every kind of window, and there are certain considerations that should be kept in mind before choosing a style. We have compiled a handy guide which will help you in making an advised decision for yourself.

  1. It should match your architectural style.

The first consideration, of course, is to ensure that the window style you choose goes well with the overall design of your home. You cannot opt for colonial style windows if your house is built in a contemporary way. For this, you should ideally speak to your contractor to get a fair idea about how styles and designs complement each other. Your windows should also have the right paint, if you want it to be in harmony with the design of the rest of your house. Your doors and windows should be in harmony, or complement each other perfectly. Curb appeal can be increased by ensuring that the doors and windows have similar designs and styles.

  1. It should be practical.

You may find certain styles to be extremely aesthetic; however, they may not be practical. This is where you should first decide the purpose that your windows will serve. The basic purpose of windows is to allow natural light to come in and facilitate proper ventilation. If you choose a design hat is too elaborate but does not help in these basic functions, then the entire exercise turns futile. The orientation of the sun should be kept in mind before determining this.

  1. It should be energy efficient.

Window fixtures are getting more and more practical and smart with advances in technology. Certain window styles are inherently manufactured with energy efficient features, which can make you save a considerable amount on your electricity bills. If you are constructing a new house or getting renovations done, always ask your contractor to get only energy efficient features for your windows, since heat loss through windows can be tremendous. This also ensures that you get a much higher resale value on your investment.

Other than these, it is important to keep in mind the interior decor of your rooms and the preferred mode of window operation when you choose an exterior window style. Taking all this into consideration, you cans elect the right style for yourself.

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