How to decorate your House with Antique Pieces

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Today more and more people are looking for comfort in familiarity. Here, by familiarity, we mean traditional designs and decor. The resurgent interest in these designs, characterized by antique furniture, is gaining the spotlight. Though these antiques may carry a particular emotional relevance because of the old familiarity, randomly styling your homes with them can make homes look outdated, stale, and derivative. So it is essential to know how and what to style your home with so that your home looks referential and authentic both at the same time.


Choosing the right antique is very important.


To give an authentic antique look to your home, the first and the most crucial step is to buy an antique piece that is actually “antique.” There can be a phony version of every original article out there. So look for reputable vendors and dealers based on their ratings and knowledge. Once you get to know one such dealer, you can attain a lot of experience about this stuff for future reference.


Layered Fusion of old and new pieces 


Sometimes, designing your entire home space, walls, and ceilings using antique furniture can make your home look like a museum instead of an intended initially comfortable living space of character and beauty. Hence, if you want your home to feel rooted, the best thing to do is organize the antique and contemporary pieces in a layered fashion so that there is no explicit distinction between the two. This contrast will accentuate each piece and make the place look very natural, and you will get both contemporary and vintage vibes from home. It will enliven your space with a fine context and history.


Extra Lights


A brightly lit house with beautiful chandeliers in all the virtual spaces of your home gives a classic vintage look. Spending on chandeliers is always worth it because eventually, you will notice that they become the most prominent central point of your house. So next time, if you get a pretty but maybe, an expensive little chandelier, don’t hesitate to buy it because you won’t regret your decision. Lamps work wonders in giving your home a posh look too.

Also, the brightness of your bulbs in chandeliers and lamps is significant. Since in ancient times, there were no bulbs, candles were the only source of light. So you can dim the glow of chandeliers and lamps to give your house an antique candlelit look. Dimmer lights also make the ambiance romantic, so remember to dim lights on your next home date night!


Focusing on Floors


If getting expensive authentic antique furniture is not affordable for you, you can always start putting those creative efforts on your floor. This is a great way to introduce something antique in your home decor. So to begin, you can either go for old-looking tiles/ hardwoods or the carpets. If it’s taxing to find desired hardwood, carpets are always a great cost-effective option. You can shop for vintage-looking rugs that go with your existing room decor. But look for high-quality rugs with some traditional colors and patterns.


Color Scheme


Deciding a color scheme before starting to shop for the furniture/ paintings is an easy start. It will make the entire decorating process very organized and uncomplicated since you will at least know within which color palette range you have to pick your antique pieces. For example, if you decide on decorating your room in a victorian style, you can organize your furniture around a desired victorian color palette.


If you don’t know where to start, it’s always a good idea to start small and then work the rest of the room/space from there. For example, pick a room or even a corner, design that area, and then slowly add other pieces around it.

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