Inflatable Boat Safety Tips

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The rejuvenating effect of water on our senses can make us feel calm, composed and far away from the hectic city life. Water adventures are a fun way to enjoy being surrounded by soothing waves of water. However, there are plenty of precautions that one should take before going into the water. An adventure of being in an inflatable boat in the water can turn into a disaster anytime if proper care is not taken. Water adventures as a recreational activity is gaining popularity because of affordable and portable rubber boats. Amidst all the fun, however, one should not forget that water can be destructive too. To ensure your safety, having a good quality, reliable boat is necessary. To add to the safety, you also need to take some extra precautionary measures. We have enlisted some of them below:



Before you even leave the port, you should take care of having the proper equipment to make your journey in your inflatable boat smooth. Check whether you have all the equipment that you need before leaving. To make sure to not forget anything, prepare a list of items that you need to take on board with you. Life jackets, cell phones, handheld radios, emergency flashlights, repair kit, first aid kit, etc. are some of the items that you must have in your boat. It is also very important to always have extra fuel in your boat. You would not want to get stranded in the middle of the water because of fuel issues.



One wise thing to do would be to inform someone who’s on the shore about your water adventure. Inform any reliable person about your itinerary, the people who are going to be there with you on the adventure, and the expected time of your arrival. Informing someone is equivalent to being on the safe side to avoid any possible mishaps.



Before leaving for your actual journey, it would be good to have a test run of your boat. Get familiar with the operation of your inflatable boat. It is advised that you make a few runs in shallow water first, to check if you are able to handle the boat. In case you are unable to handle the boat properly, take an inflatable boat operation and safety course to enrich your skills.



If you are carrying many passengers on your inflatable boat, make sure to always have someone on the boat who can take over you in case of any mishap. Explain the basics of operating the boat to someone who you think can be your alternate.



Boating requires a quick and alert mind. When you are in water, the odds of water going rough in a matter of seconds is high. You never know what might happen. Therefore, do not operate your inflatable boat when you are sick or under the influence of alcohol. Your carelessness could prove lethal both for you, and the passengers that are on the boat with you.



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