IQOS – The New Heated Cigarette Product in the Market

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The cigarette market has taken by storm with the latest invention named – IQOS. This ‘heat-not-burn’ device was introduced by Philip Morris International, a renowned manufacturer of Marlboro cigarettes.

IQOS – which stands for “I quit ordinary smoking” was introduced nearly two years ago with an aim to create a smoke-free future but got a green signal from Food and Drug Administration this year only which means that this device will be available in stores across the U.S. for adult smokers looking for alternatives to cigarettes.

However, the FDA has not yet declared IQOS as a ‘better alternative’ to cigarettes or cleared it to be helpful for smokers to quit smoking. These devices are still in the middle of traditional cigarettes and vaping products.

IQOS has a unique working mechanism

IQOS are battery-operated devices containing heat sticks producing vapor instead of actual smoke. The processed tobacco along with water, glycerine, and cellulose fibers are heated up to 350 degree Celsius, unlike traditional cigarettes that burn at 600 degree Celsius; hence, creating an aerosol without causing any burning of tobacco. The heat sticks last for a few minutes, after which the device shuts off automatically and has to be recharged with a charger.

IQOS is different from electronic cigarettes

While a lot of people consider IQOS as another type of e-cigarette, it is in fact not so. E-cigarettes contain nicotine in liquid form which is heated up and vaporized whereas IQOS contains tobacco sticks. The concept behind IQOS is such that it allows users to experience real smoking without having to inhale the combusted tobacco.

IQOS is here to help adult smokers

Philip Morris claims that IQOS will gradually help in improving the lives of adult smokers by extinguishing the desire for regular smoking. He has also mentioned that the device releases lesser levels of harmful chemicals that are otherwise found in tobacco smoke. However, the actual impact remains unknown. Without fire, ash or cigarette smoke and less smell, his company wants to establish the claim of reducing tobacco-related diseases in adult smokers.

IQOS may affect the youth

A lot of young adults may be interested in IQOS because of the sophistication and high-tech experience it offers. Just like the case of e-cigarettes, the current youth may be driven by this sleek ‘heat-not-burn’ device. Since these products are advertised as ultra-modern and smokeless choices, they are likely to appeal to adolescents and get even the non-smokers indulged in the act.

On the contrary, some experts say that IQOS cannot become popular among teens as there are hardly any fruity or sweet flavors available in them and the price point is also high. However, to be on a safer side, the FDA is keeping a keen eye as to how these devices are being marketed, especially through social media and ensuring that promotions are targeted to adult smokers only.

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