Main Causes of Sudden Snoring

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If you have never snored, but now have started snoring nightly, there are many reasons for a snoring problem to all of the sudden start to occur. Before your snoring makes your loved one out of the bed and permanently into another room, take some time to explore what all has changed in your life that may have directly started you to now snore nightly. Finding the cause and end resulting in solving your snoring problem is not only important for your spouse, but it is important for your own health. Since prolonged snoring will quickly bring on sleep deprivation at some level for you and your spouse, leading to long term health issues that may include future heart problems, strokes, and even erectile dysfunction, among many other health related issues due to prolonged snoring.

The first thing to do is to look into any new medications that you may now be taking. They may be new prescriptions given by your doctor, or maybe it is a new over-the-counter medication that you have recently started. To find out for sure if your new snoring problem is directly being caused by any one or several combined medications, take all of them down to your nearest pharmacist to have a complete discussion on all cause and effects of each medication. The pharmacist can give you the best advice in detail and all of the side effects that will occur from your medications.

If it is not your medications, then the next snoring reason to explore is your overall health and daily habits. You must be honest with yourself about your weight, because for those of us who have gained extra pounds or have even become obese in size; this very well could be the cause of your snoring problem. When people are too heavy, the weight will have been increased throughout the body, not just in one or two areas. This excess weight will also be gained around the facial and neck area, causing airways to become obstructed, and especially during sleep. Not only will losing this excess weight help end your snoring issue, but it will give you a better overall health.

Some other reasons for snoring are bad daily habits, like smoking, drinking alcohol, especially in the evening, and even dairy products right before bed are all snoring contributors. Smoking affects your body’s health in numerous ways, so it is just best to stop all together. If you drink on occasion, only have one or two drinks, and drink them several hours before laying down to sleep. This is true too, for milk and other dairy products.

While drinking alcohol can relax your throat muscles too much, the milk and dairy products will build up within your throat area, to keep you from having the clear air passage way while sleeping.

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