Men’s Wardrobe Essentials

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Are you among the ones who want to know what all the essentials that one should have in the wardrobe to look stylish are? If so, then then this article is definitely for you.


Different people have different thoughts when it comes to basic men’s closet, and that is totally fine. With time the trend may change but having the evergreen and essential pieces in your wardrobe can help you remain classic.


Now, let us see what the basic things that you must have in your closet are.


#1. Tailored Black or Grey Suit – Every guy needs to have a suit that perfectly fits their body. Preference is given to black and grey colors because they can be worn in a number of ways. Whether you are going to a meeting, marriage, a formal date or funeral, a black or grey tailored suit can be the best option. You can also get more mileage by breaking out the components of the suit and wearing them separately, like the coat with a turtleneck sweater and blue jeans and the pants with a colored shirt.


#2. White Shirt – Just a white button-up shirt can be a really smart investment. From professional wear to church, it can serve you for every purpose. While buying a white shirt, make sure that it fits you well and give an active look. Also, it should be of quality material.


#3. Dark denim jeans - A pair of Jeans is the most essential thing that any wardrobe should have. Dark colored jeans can be styled with a sports coat, a polo t-shirt, and a shirt of any color. Investing in quality branded jeans is worth it.


#4. Blue blazer – If you visit different events and meetings more frequently, then having a suit will not be enough. A classic blue blazer can extend your wardrobe and can be worn with jeans and tees if you want to make a statement with your fashion sense. While buying a blazer, keep in mind that it should fit you well to get a stylish look.


#5. Shoes – A pair of sneakers and black formal shoes must be present in your wardrobe all the time. Sneakers are important for casual evenings, and formal shoes are essential for meetings and weddings.


#6. Polo t-shirt – To get the casual look when going out with friends, a polo t-shirt is mandatory. Try to have solid colored polos to extend your wardrobe. And in case you like patterns, then go for a subtle pattern.


#7. Accessories – The right accessory can make you even look more stylish. So, make sure you have pieces of good-quality accessories in your closet. The following is the list of must-have accessories –


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