Overhead Cranes & Hoists: Uses and Benefits

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Moving bulky items and goods around your warehouse has always been the most time consuming and riskiest task. However, with the introduction of overhead cranes and equipment today, the warehouse owners can lift and move heavy loads with ease and save everyone from potential injuries.

Controlled by an operator (manually or wireless controls), overhead cranes in a facility have eased up the processing and handling of heavy, oversized objects that no other material handling equipment could ever do.

With the right type of overhead crane in place, it has now become possible to carry items safely and quickly above all obstacles, thereby reducing the product damage and maximizing the tasks’ productivity.

Uses of Overhead Cranes

Overhead cranes are typically found in industrial environments and used for applications where efficiency or downtimes are critical factors. Consisting of parallel runways with a traveling bridge, a lifting device called a hoist moves along the bridge to facilitate load lifting. These features are utilized to support assembling, transporting, staging, warehousing, and storage of large items and products.

Overhead cranes are a perfect fit for the following industries:

  • Automotive
  • Beverage
  • Chemicals
  • Commercial printing
  • Manufacturing
  • Newspaper
  • Paper
  • Steel

Benefits of Overhead Cranes

The sole purpose of installing overhead cranes is to minimize the physical labor required by employees and improving the safety of your workplace.

Here is how overhead cranes benefit the warehouses and large industrial businesses:

Better Load Control

Overhead cranes come with precision controls to place the items and goods in the warehouses accurately and trouble-free, thus allowing the operator to position the giant objects at correct locations and reducing the unwanted errors.

Easy Weight Lifting

Once you have overhead cranes in your warehouse, you can rely on them entirely for lifting and transporting goods from one part of your facility to another. It is because they are robust and have the ability to lift thousands of tons without any worry. However, make sure you adhere to their weight limits.

Commendable Adaptability

Overhead cranes are designed to operate on all kinds of floor surfaces and adapt to the changing needs and trends of warehouse working. They can even be customized and converted to handle a wide variety of products and loads.

Improved Ergonomics

By using overhead cranes, you can take away the burden of lifting heavyweights from the workers. This helps in reducing their fatigue and vulnerability of meeting with personal injuries and accidents, successfully increasing the workflow.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Nowadays, advanced technologies are being incorporated with overhead cranes to offer an array of usage and capacity ratings. That has made them more productive and maintenance-free in comparison to other lifting devices. These machines help you in running your processes running smoothly for years provided you stick to their specified lift capacity.

For more information on overhead lifting systems and how can they help your business thrive, contact Optimum Handling Solutions today.


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