Painting and its forms

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Extreme efforts go into formulating the right paint color, texture, density, and shine for you. There are thousands of options available in the market if you are looking forward to painting your house. Painting is a good option; it is smart and tangible. All the more, it is open to the maximum personalization there is. Whether it is the inside of your home or the outside, it is vital to maintain strength and beauty, and this is best done by choosing the right paint for the exterior and the interior. The choice of the paint determines how the result will turn out to be.


Interior painting and things to know

  • Interior paint focuses on improving the appeal of your house. It should be soft on the eyes and in sync with the overall structure and design of your house.
  • Interior paint should have easy maintenance. It must be able to protect your house against dampness or excess moisture.
  • Interior paints need to have zero volatile organic compounds. This is because there should be as few contaminants in the air that you breathe as possible. This is the reason why the interior paint should not have toxins that may contaminate the air and interfere with your respiration.
  • The paint should be scrub resistant. Since it does not have to endure sunlight, the indoor paint must not fade over time.
  • It is advisable to go for a cleanable paint. This means that stains from markers and pens can easily be removed if the paint is washable.
  • Interior paint must be able to withstand abrasion.



Exterior paint and things to know

  • Since the exterior paint is exposed to the rays of the sun, hail, rain, and snow, it must be coated such that it protects these things. The exterior paint should be more robust as compared to the interior paint.
  • Exterior paint should be fade-resistant. If it is not, continuous exposure to sun and water will make its quality deteriorate.
  • Exterior paint is made of more volatile compounds which keep the harmful agents away from clinging to the outer surface of your house. This is one of the main reasons exterior paint cannot be used indoors- it is denser and more contaminated.
  • Exterior paint is more flexible which means it does not crack when contracting or expanding. This is an important factor to consider. The outside of your house faces extreme weather conditions, and the paint must be resistant to more ready damage.



Is painting a feasible option?


  • There is dust present around you all the time. This can be dangerous if the dust keeps accumulating. With tiles and other edgy wall coverings, the dust may seep in and settle, which may damage the structural stability of the house. The paint, on the other hand, is smooth. It does not leave any space for the dust to settle in and damage the appearance or the strength of the house.


  • Paint protects the house. It is one of the cheaper options and sustains the quality of the air inside the house. Additionally, painting is flexible. If you need to change the appearance of the house, it does not cost a lot to change the color of the walls and have for yourself a new living space.
  • Paint can easily be personalized depending upon your requirements. If you are renting a home or buying one, it is easy for you to layout your demands and get your new residence painted in the way that you like. There is no restriction to how creative you can go with paint. Customize your house the way you like.

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