Pro Tips for Becoming a Better Dancer

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An ideal dance trainer should be someone who brings out the best in you, makes your work on your flaws, appropriately appreciates you for your efforts and always pushes you to work harder. A teacher should be your best motivator and should make you feel great about doing what you’re doing. Persevere to find such a trainer instead of settling for someone who doubts your potential more than moving you to do better. Choosing the right trainer also becomes the most important aspect for someone who is new at dancing. You would need constant motivation and a boost for your spirit to get you going and to not give up. A trainer should also correct you on your mistakes. The quality that one expects in a dance trainer also depends on one’s personal preferences. Some might need a strict teacher whereas others would want someone who’s more lenient.


For a dancer, correct posture is everything. To perfect your posture, practice standing and sitting with a straight back, shoulders down and head held up, everyday. Also, an ideal and effective way to improve your posture is by stretching everyday. Make daily stretching a habit, as it will make your body much more flexible to give you that easy flow during dancing.


Whether or not you’re new to dancing, you will need to strive to be good at what you do. Do not completely rely on your trainer to transform you into an excellent dancer. Upon learning techniques from your trainer, practice them at home everyday. You will be getting great exercise everyday and you will learn what works best for you. Don’t stop yourself from watching other dancer’s instructional videos to explore more. Remember that your craft will develop with your practice. So, give adequate amount of time to practicing your moves.


There will always be people whom you will find intimidating and they will always try to bring you down. But, remember to focus on the people who are always there to motivate you and inspire you. Try to surround yourself with positive people, who make you feel good about your dancing. It is important to feel good about your dancing first, as it will ultimately lead you to perform well as you will be more confident. If you are in a group of people who isolate you and mock you, immediately dismiss their company. It is better to be alone and be your own motivator than to be with people who constantly mock you. Make your happiness your priority and be with people who respect that. It will boost up your sense of self and will dramatically affect your performance in a positive way.


There will always be challenges in front of you. On days, you might feel tired or unfocused but always remember your love for your art. Accept such challenges and love them as they will only make you work hard and get better.

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