Questions To Ask Before Laser Hair Removal Treatment

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Your face and body hair keeps coming back no matter how many times you deal with it. If you are a person who is totally into body hair then it’s cool, but if you find body hair annoying and looking for a permanent solution then laser hair removal is definitely for you.

No doubt it is a costly process as compared to a razor and regular waxing, but if you invest in laser hair removal, you will surely save yourself money in the long run. After every 15-20 days you have to face all the pain, razor bumps, hard skin and what not, so having done laser is the ultimate solution to all of this.

Below are some questions to ask before getting laser hair removal treatment:

1) How does laser actually work: Some people consider laser hair removal as a very painful process, but in actual it is far less painful than waxing and leads to smooth skin. This treatment focuses on a pigment called melanin that is present in the bulge region deep within the hair follicle. This follicle gets damaged or completely destroyed when heated up which inturn totally eliminates the hair growth or damages it to the extent where the growth of the hair in that follicle slows down.


2) Where does the laser really work best: The ideal areas are lower legs, underarms, and bikini. Facial hair can be tougher because the hair present there are often finer and is also more hormonally driven and stubborn.

Most of the lasers are best used in those areas with darker hair and lighter skin. Lasers do not work well with darker skin because the melanin in upper layers of skin will absorb some of the laser light and can heat up, causing burns to the skin. Also, if you have fair hair, the laser will be less effective.


3) Number of laser sessions that are needed: On an average 5-10 treatment sessions are required and rest depends upon the area being treated. Usually face and arms being more persistent areas require more sessions and on the other hand lower legs, underarms and areas with coarser darker hair can be done in few treatments.

Any hair that grows again will likely become thinner and grow more slowly than the original and actual hair but may still need occasional treatment for complete clearance. Also, in between your laser sessions try to avoid any sort of sun exposure having a tan will increase your risk of burn. Even avoid getting waxed before your treatment as waxing removes the hair follicle, thus there would be nothing for the laser to target.


4) What to be prepared before a laser: Shave your hair before the day of your appointment, else the entire hair will absorb the energy and heat up causing skin burns. Also, the results would not be desirable because less amount of energy will reach the base of the follicle. So do shave one day before the treatment.

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