Radiation Emitting Appliances & Gadgets in Your Home

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Have you ever wondered what type of devices in your home emits radiation? If you take a look around your home, you can find multiple radiation sources. However, for most of us, the cell towers are the only concern. Most homeowners fail to identify the real culprits that are present right inside their homes. Also, when it comes to EMF radiation, most of us believe that it’s only our smartphone that is to be blamed. There’s no doubt that smartphones emit radiation but it is not the only gadget that emits radiation. Mobile phones and cell phone towers are the most visible sources of radiation, but there are more sources of radiation in our homes and offices that we don’t even know about.

Most of the electronic devices we use regularly release radiation into our surroundings. The modern homes are equipped with numerous smart devices and television sets that can be connected to the Internet via WiFi. You might not know this but all such devices and products sitting around your house could be emitting electromagnetic radiation of differing frequencies. And being exposed to electromagnetic fields (EMF) for extended periods of time can have severe consequences for your health.

Even if you’re not tech-savvy, most probably you have a number of wireless connected electronic devices around yourself.  All the devices in your home that runs on electricity generate an Electro-Magnetic Field (EMF) around itself. High-level exposure to this EM radiation increases the risk of health issues like cancer, autism in children, and infertility in adults. So, before you surround yourself with all these latest electronics, take a look at the top radiation sources at your home. Here is a list of some radiation-emitting gadgets that you probably have at home.

Laptops have become a necessity these days and are often connected to WiFi and Bluetooth. Your laptop carries both radiation and EMF profile. When you connect your laptop to WiFi and Bluetooth signals for browsing the internet or sending/transmitting files, it emits radiation. The underside of your device generates the highest EMF and high exposure for an extended period increases the risk of adult infertility. The internal components of the laptop are made of metal that emits harmful signals. This radiation may affect fertility. To avoid this issue, use a laptop radiation shield and avoid placing your laptop on your lap, especially when you’re connected to WiFi. You should always maintain a safe distance to reduce exposure to radiation.


Microwave ovens and other electronics are designed with EMI/RFI shields to prevent ingress and egress of radiation. However, microwaves still emit some amount of radiation through their gaskets and front sides. As this appliance gets older, the amount of radiation also increases. So, minimize the risk, get a microwave radiation shield, and do not stand in front of it whilst it’s working.


Smart homes have smart devices like connected lights, wireless baby monitor, smart refrigerator, stabilizer, inverter, electric shaver, hairdryer, and much more. All these appliances are the highest sources of in-premise EMF. Stabilizers and inverters, in particular, emit high radiation. So, always keep a distance of 3-5 feet distances and never keep the stabilizer in your bedroom. Likewise, when using the hairdryer, maintain 1 feet distance between your head and the nozzle.

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