Roof Maintenance Tips during Winter

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Installing a new roof can be a costly affair. To make sure your new roof is worth it and is sturdy and durable enough, you need to make sure that you take proper care of your roof. Good maintenance habits like regular inspections, cleanings, and heading off problems before they become serious issues habits can dramatically extend the life of your roof.

We have enlisted some more useful tips to help you maintain your roof and keep it in good working order for many years to come.


You should perform regular inspection of your roof. This is a wise step that can solve issues before they become a serious problem. Inspect your roof and look for damage after every season change or after any storms. Look out for any animal activity, missing, damaged, or curling shingles. You should also watch out for fungus or algae growth or even rust. These things gradually hollow your roof. Also, look for any leakages and if you find any, get them fixed before the rainy season.


Make it a duty to trim down trees which are nearby your roof and hold a chance to brush the roof. Tree limbs hanging down over your roof can be a serious hazard as it puts the roof at a risk for falling broken tree limb. Tree limbs also pave way for animals like squirrels and raccoons to gain access to your home. Also, tree limbs can swing several feet during a storm as they are flexible.


Get rid of debris such as leaves, small limbs, and sticks which get collected on your roof. Accumulated debris can damage your roof and encourage algae growth and even wood rot, so it is necessary to get it removed. Debris can fall off the roof if not removed and can cause accidents.


Do regular inspections to check whether your roof needs any repair. Check your roof thoroughly for any leaks. Also look for bending or even punctures, as well as dried out or loose sealant as they can cause problems too.



Pay attention to warning signs and fall into immediate action when the time comes. Do not take the sound of hail, rodents in your attic, leaks, or shingles on the ground for granted. Roof repair may be expensive, but it should still be get done as it only gets more expensive the longer you wait to fix it.


Get right insulation for your roof to prevent your it from warping. Proper insulation and ventilation can also save your roof during a snow or ice storm by preventing snow and ice from melting and then refreezing and therefore, causing water damage to your roof.


Apart from all the maintenance, you also need to invest in a good roofing contractor. Roofing contractors are professionals who will inspect your roof and give it the treatment that it needs.


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