Security Essentials: How to Keep Your Home Safe and Secure?

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Safety and security are a must when you build your house. You never know who can break into your home or steal away your valuables when you are not around.


I always suggest my clients to not only invest in the decoration of their house but also consider taking security measures. Why? Because the crime rate can increase at any time and burglars can easily find the vulnerable places. All they have to do is to wait for the right opportunity to thrive into your home, take away your precious things.


So, the best way to deter these housebreakers is to strengthen the security of your house. With a broad array of security options available in the market, you can hop on to the ones that best serve your needs. Therefore, down below are mentioned some of the premium security essentials to consolidate in your house-


1) Potent door locks and windows-Old and worn-out windows are the key entry points for the burglars to make their way into your home. Besides, the pre-installed locks and bolts can easily be dismounted with the simplest of the tools. Therefore, you must reinforce the bolts and locks and update your windows. Some of the leading ways to secure your windows are mentioned below-


  • Add window film
  • Introduce a glass break sensor
  • Assimilate iron bars outside the window


2) Security sensors- Security sensors are a smart way of introducing safety to your home. The advantage of using these systems is they can be remotely accessed from any location, especially when you are busy working in your office or on holiday.


Security sensors must be installed on windows and doors so that they can sense the physical presence of a body moving in, leading to the ringing of the alarm. Make sure to switch them on only when you are inside or away from your home, else they will sense your presence and buzz the alarm.


3) Security cameras- Security surveillance cameras or CCTVs are the perfect ways to find out when and who is on your premises. It provides you with the visuals of the place where it is installed. Besides, you can remotely monitor the activity of anyone who is in your home. The best part of relying on the CCTVs is they capture and record every move so that you can retrieve the footage of the culprit later on which will definitely help you alert the police to catch him.


4) Appropriate lighting for landscaping- The favourite spot of burglars and filchers is your verdant landscape, dark enough to hide them in the bushes. You may never know who is hiding behind the shrubs overly grown around the back window. Scary, isn’t it? Therefore, prune the branches of trees growing near the foundation and trim the shrubs. Besides, introduce ample lighting in your yard, pathways, near garage and on the front gate of your house. It will deter the burglars from sneaking in your garden.

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