Should You Consider Bunk Beds For Your Kids Bedroom Furniture?

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Bunk Beds can make a really fun addition to your kid’s bedroom(s), while providing space saving bedding. It doesn’t make any difference if you have only one child, twins, or several children these beds can provide a sensible approach to providing for sleeping. If you have only one child the extra bed offers great fun for sleepovers, so much so that your kid (girl or boy) might become the most popular kid on the block. As an extra bonus many of the bed styles include extra pull out storage drawers that can be used to reduce some of the clutter. Some of those pull out drawers can accommodate another mattress, making it a trundle bed.

If you think of bunk beds you may think “Well they come in just the form of top and bottom bunks with the same size mattresses”, and that is often the case. But, if you investigate this type of bedroom furniture you will quickly learn that there are many variations of the basic beds. Of course, the old Ranch bunk houses usually had the beds stacked two high with the same size top and bottom mattresses. Today furniture manufacturers offer many styles and sizes of bunk beds. To name of few types we have the Twin over Twin, the Full over Full, the Twin over Full, and the Loft Bed.

Many parents choose bunk beds for their child’s or children’s bedrooms, and those are often just the basic top and bottom bunks, both with the same size mattresses. Bunks can be space savers, particularly if the bedroom is relatively small. If you have the room, the imagination, and want to provide your offspring with more excitement, and pride of ownership why not look into “Theme” bunk beds. Some theme beds emulate tents, with the use of Loft and upper lower Bunks combined. You might find them in the form of playhouses, or even western bunk house themes. Of course, the theme bed arrangements take up more room, but today children’s rooms are often large enough to accommodate them.

Bunk beds are often thought of as children’s bedroom furniture (that is if you are not in the military). As the child or children get older they don’t necessarily want that intimate closeness. To solve this design dilemma look, in the beginning, for bunk beds that can be disassembled and set up as individual beds. This saves the expense of changing out the kid’s furniture as they grow, or even when they leave home for school etcetera. And, of course, replacing the beds will probably mean that you will also have to change the rest of the room(s) design.

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