Six Smart Tips to Enhance Your Warehouse Productivity

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A warehouse is the heart of every organization. It is where all the delivery, storage, and shipping of goods take place. With such crucial roles to carry out, these facilities ought to have systems and processes that are smooth just like well-oiled machines.

But, there can be numerous challenges on the way, and a consistent productivity level may be easier said than done. In that case, the following mentioned strategies and tactics can be of great help –

  1. Optimize the Pick Up Route

Pickers spend a substantial amount of time walking around the premises while looking out for items. So, to increase their speed and cut down any walking time, determine a proper pickup route that typically begins at one side and ends at the wrapping stage area. By doing that you would be able to handle bulk orders with ease and also control stock management cost per item.

  1. Invest in Quality Equipment

It is often observed that warehouses purchase cheap and second-hand equipment to reduce their expenses. And, as a result of this, a great degree of compromise has to be made on employee performance. The tools that regularly pose a nuisance impact on the quality of work being done by the labor and might cause you more in the long run. Hence, purchase A-grade quality equipment for better ROI.

  1. Ensure Staff Comfort

Warehouse work can be exhausting. And considering the fact it is the precious human force doing everything, you have to make the work experience as comfortable as possible for them. You have to be considerate of the mats they stand on and the climate they breathe in all day. You need to keep a control on the temperature with heaters and fans and provide them with well-maintained restrooms. You can also consider playing light music to keep their fatigue at bay.

  1. Implement a Warehouse Control System

A good warehouse management system (WMS) can help improve everything, right from reconfiguring storage to pick-pack activities, to ensuring a reduction in cost, effort and time. This tool can be used by large businesses to fulfil their high customer demand requirements, as the inventory and workload can no more be managed manually, with spreadsheets.

  1. Revise the Material Handling Process

Material handling includes short-distance movement within the premises, or between the transporting vehicle and the building. It focuses on protection, storage, and control of materials in a way that the number of injuries or fatalities is decreased, and heavy materials are loaded or unloaded safely. So, reduce manual handling as much as you can and introduce automated or semi-automated lifting solutions.

  1. Incorporate Newer Technology

For every warehouse to be successful, it is important to attain great speed and accuracy. Luckily, with advanced technologies such as mobile workstations, conveyor belts, bar code systems, and voice-enable control systems, it is no more a hoax. All these technological upgrades come with easy installation, lesser dependencies and training yet goes a long way in maintaining pace and precision for businesses of all sizes.

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