Six Smart Ways to Achieve Network Security

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Cybersecurity has become the talk of the town. And why it wouldn’t be so? In the internet world today, there are hackers, fraudsters and others actively trying to break-in the security of people (both personal users and businessmen) at every step. Hence, no doubt that everyone is so protective and insecure about the information they upload online or the data they store in their device.

If unexpected data breaches and strengthening of network security is something that has been haunting you as well for so many nights in the row, here are a few ways to help you ride through it safely –

  1. Change your Passwords

Majority of data breaches happen as a result of stolen credentials or when your password game is not strong enough. Cybercriminals have access to better and sophisticated technology these days which enables them to crack your password and invade your network in no time. So, make sure that you update your passwords more often and use two-factor authentication method for the tight security line.

  1. Secure your Devices and Ports

At times, maliciously intended thieves want more from your laptop than just its cost of hardware. This can be a scary situation for bigger organizations, where even one single stolen device can lead to loss of sensitive and valuable files, customer records, trade secrets, and more. Thus, protect your equipment physically with cable locks and deter the criminals to take it away.

  1. Manage your Data Access Privileges

Unfortunately, monitoring user access is not seen on every administrator’s checklist, whereas it should be a regular process and evaluated daily. Higher authorities must be careful of granting access and delete the account of every employee departing so that no inappropriate person can invade the company’s network and become a threat later.

  1. Encrypt your Data

Data encryption translates data into another form, or code so that only people with access to a secret key (also known as a decryption key) or password can read it. The only purpose is to protect the digital data stored in the system or being transmitted via the internet or other computer networks. It is a popular and effective network security method used by most of the organizations nowadays.

  1. Protect your Wifi

The Wifi network is the most common entry point for cybercriminals. But, you can take reasonable efforts with your IT service provider to form a barrier and prevent that from happening. You can use security solutions such as firewalls, IDS, IPS, and password-protected router to stop unauthorized access. Also, carry out regular network auditing for an extra advantage and to maintain that security shield.

  1. Update your Anti-Virus and Malware Protection Applications

A significant amount of threat and risk arises due to outdated software and applications. Therefore, whether it is an inventory tracking app, content management system or anti-virus program, your focus should be on replacing the older versions with the new ones to assure that there aren’t any loopholes from where hackers can attack.

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