Six Tips to Increase the Security of Your Commercial Property

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It takes a lot of money, labor, time and material to build your business and the commercial building for running out that business. So how would you feel if someone threatens your business? Stressed and insecure, isn’t it?


One of the main factors, when you own a business, is to keep it secure and safe from all kind of threats. Whatever the size of your business, there are safeguards and precautions you must take to keep the intruders away.


Down below are discussed some tips that can help you improve the security of your commercial building making it less vulnerable to attacks-


Assessing the Risk-


Assess your building to identify the weak points. Consult your staff about anything that can be improved. Do some research about the increasing crimes in your area by going through newspapers or meeting the people in your area. Doing so can help you to know what security measures are to be taken to strengthen the safety of your building.


Securing the Perimeter-


Start from the outside of your office. Maintain high walls with barbed wires which will deter burglars from jumping in. Use big bright lights to keep a check on dark or shady places near your office area. Secure the parking lot with proper fencing and deploying security guards and security camera system.


Strengthening the Entry Points-


There are several ways and points to get into a building. It is important to install doors and windows of solid construction and fittings. Make use of high-security locks and deadbolts to secure your doors that can’t be easily broken by the intruders.


Get the door locks repaired and upgraded by a professional locksmith. This will ensure that your doors and windows are completely shut when your building is closed.


Installing CCTV and Alarms-


Make use of the latest and easy to handle technology by installing a camera security system in your office. They can record all the footage and you can monitor the activities taking place in different areas of your building by sitting in your workspace. CCTV cameras can deter criminal activities in your area.


Also, think of installing alarms that will ring during an emergency and can signal your security guards against burglary or attacks.


Advertising your Security-


You must make advertisements showing that CCTV’s are installed in your building. Display messages on pamphlets that can be pasted outside your building at visible areas to confirm that your building has security systems. This will make intruders think twice before breaking in.


Conducting Regular Checks-


Regular checks must be conducted to ensure that your security systems are up to grade. Any faults in your security need to be repaired as soon as possible otherwise a simplest of the negligence can cost you a lot. Therefore inspect all the doors and windows, if the doors and locks are out-dated or need up-gradation, call an experienced locksmith to do the job.


Keep in touch with your staff and security guards and ask them to make detailed reports of daily activities.


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