Stone Siding Ideas for Your Home

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Want to transform your place, so that your house looks exactly like your dream home? Adding a new texture or a new exterior look to your house, is a great way to attain a look that you have been forever dreaming about. For this, stone siding has always been a very popular choice for homeowners around the world. Stone siding is adding stone texture to the exterior walls of your house. Basically, doing this, would make your house look like, as if it is made out of stone, where it is actually not. Moreover, adding these textures will also not cost you a fortune, since, the stone siding is not made out of actual stone, but artificial stones, which are manufactured only for this reason. Installing a stone siding to your home, will transform your home from a simple home to an extra-ordinary one. In modern times, with the advancements in the stone siding techniques, today, home owners are also installing these stone sidings in fireplaces, and interior walls, to bring out the rustic image. In this article, we will discuss about five stone siding ideas, that will help you if you are renovating your home, and is looking to do something different.

Solid Siding-: Stone siding originated around in the 1980’s, when people started falling in love with the rustic image the stone siding provides. Solid siding is one of the most traditional forms of siding. Solid siding has always been a perfect choice for people, who are looking for a stone siding for their exterior walls. It is durable and gives an authentic look of a naturally occurring granite stone. In the modern times, some of the techniques involved in manufacturing the stones has changed, to decrease the intensive labor and excessive weight of the stones.

Manufactured Stone Siding-: Manufactured stone siding is the most commonly used nowadays. These are manufactured in the stone industry, and gives the exact feel as of the stone, but these are artificially created stones. These stones are generally made out of molds of actual stones, and they are also called as cultured stones. Pretty obvious that, these stones are much lesser in weight that solid stones, and hence, they are easier to ship. These stones are generally made out of cement.

Polyurethane-based foam panel siding-: These faux stone panels, are generally the alternative of actual stones and manufactured stone sidings. These stones are not made out of cements like the cultured stones, but are made out of polyurethane based foam. These are not meant to be installed by stone to stone basis, and are generally installed by experts in a panel basis. Hence, the installation is very easy, and straight forward. But, unlike the other sidings, only a touch will reveal that these are not actual stones, but on the other hand, these are weather resistant.

Natural Stone Cladding-: Granite slab is also used sometimes for siding, and these types of sidings are generally pretty expensive because of the genuine feeling it imparts. It has the rough contours as the original rocks, but the interior part of the rock would be flat, so that it can be installed. These are durable, but expensive.

Stone Veneer Panel Siding-: This stone veneer panel siding are both used for exterior walls and interior walls. These are recommended by most of the masonry contractors, since these are made out of real stones, and imparts a natural feeling to the siding. The installation is pretty easy, since they are installed in panels, and are manufactured like puzzle pieces which sits in places with each other.

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