The Top 5 Benefits of Custom Packaging Boxes for a Business

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Have you ever wondered why custom packaging boxes are so popular when it’s possible to ship products in plain brown boxes? These days, custom packaging is becoming popular among businesses, as well as customers.

The concept of custom packaging is not new, however, for the past few years, its popularity has increased drastically. Moreover, with the growth of the e-commerce industry, the need for custom boxes has further increased. So, why custom packaging is more popular than stock boxes?

It’s the benefits of custom packaging boxes that make them the first choice of business owners, as well as customers. As the name suggests, a customized packaging box is an exclusively designed shipping box that helps in creating a distinct brand identity. With the help of these boxes, you can easily distinguish your products from other well-known brands. The moment people see a name or a logo on the custom box, they can immediately recognize the name of the company.

If customized packaging is still not a part of your marketing plan, here are some striking benefits of custom boxes for your business. These benefits will help you understand why custom packaging should be part of your packaging strategy.

  1. Custom Packaging Sizes    

As you know, the cost of shipping depends on the weight and size of the packaging box. If you use a standard size box for shipping all products, you will need to pay more for shipping cost. When you ship a small product in a big box you will need fillers that will unnecessarily increase the weight of the packaging. To minimize your shipping bills, custom boxes are a great option as you can get a box in any size to perfectly fit your products. A smaller size box and less weight will not only lower your shipping cost but also provide better protection to your products. When your product perfectly fits in the box, it will not shift during transport.

  1. Provide Additional Information to Attract Customers

Businesses prefer custom packaging boxes because these can be printed with additional business details such as phone number, website link or an email address. These pieces of information can be used by the consumer at the time of reordering the product next time. Moreover, people trust companies that clearly provides their contact information. In addition to this, you can also give product details to inform customers what is inside the box. Almost every customer these days turn around a package to check the technical specifications and additional info such as the manufacturing or the expiry date.

  1. Brand Promotion

The biggest benefit of customization is perhaps creating brand awareness by printing your company’s logo or name on the custom box package. The purpose of customization is to make your product stand out from the rest, just like you can recognize iPhone by simply looking at the logo of the Apple on the white box. By creating custom e-commerce boxes, you can also promote your brand so that people can recognize the name or logo on the box.

  1. Improved Safety

You obviously don’t want to damage your products during transportation. Unlike stock mailboxes, custom packaging boxes offer better security because these are made of high-quality material. The custom mailboxes are created of superior quality material and are of the right size to fit the product. Also, this type of box can also prevent your products against wet and harsh climate.

  1. Great Looks

A custom mailer box is perfect to make your customers fall in your with your brand. These boxes look amazingly beautiful and way better than a dull and boring brown box with no color, images, or additional details. A colorful, creatively designed box with a logo, company name, and contact information creates a positive image of your business.

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