Things to consider while choosing the wedding menu

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Marriage is the new beginning of love and togetherness where two souls are tied together in a knot to spend the rest of the lives together. Wedding occasion is the most auspicious in every person’s life. Marriage indicates the commencement of a very beautiful journey. This occasion becomes even more extraordinary when you are getting married to the love of your life. So it is a dream of every person to do their wedding in a very lavish and luxurious. The wedding day holds an exceptional place in everybodys life, and everything must be up to the mark. Making arrangements for marriage can be a very daunting and time-consuming task. This process goes a long way, starting from buying the jewelry to making proper arrangements for the guests. The guest should be amazed to see the royal wedding you have planned. Deciding upon the wedding menu is also a very clumsy process as it requires listing your favorite dishes and picking the best amongst them. If you have trouble coming up with the perfect appetizers and desserts, we have few tips for choosing the ideal wedding menu. So let us discuss the tips in brief:

  • Plan your budget: Before arriving at any menu, setting up the budget is essential. Food can be very costly at weddings, so put a limit to your budget before diving into various varieties of dishes. You can always make a budget planner so that you get to know what amount can be spent on what dishes.
  • Wedding guests: This is important to be determined at an early stage so that you can list the maximum number of guests coming to the wedding. A larger number of guests means you will have to feed more people, thereby increasing your planned budget. Always go for the plate system and consider spending less per plate.
  • Choose the serving style: serving style is opted according to your willingness to spend on your wedding. There are numerous ways in which you can serve your food. A few of them are listed below:
  • Plated meals
  • Buffet
  • Family styles
  • Heavy appetizers
  • Serving stations

While considering these styles, select the one which will work within the specified space. Also, keep in mind the theme and layout of your room and pick accordingly.

  • Seasonal options: Going for seasonal options is highly preferred by everyone. It costs you less than the standard items and is also relished by all the guests. when you think of the season, you can choose the things that are best suited to that time of the year. You can serve light and refreshing dishes in hot weather, and on cold wintry days, you can go for heavier selections such as creamy soups and hot chocolate.
  • Consulting your caterer: It can be stressful than fun to choose the right wedding menu that fits everybodys tastes. In this situation, it is expedient to consult a caterer who can make this task less burdensome. They will suggest dozens of dishes that too according to the current trends.

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