Three Important Tips For Proper Document Destruction Procedures

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Every business, no matter how small or large, will accumulate a large quantity of documents. The problem with too many documents is many of the papers will contain confidential information about the business, customers, and clients. If the documents fall into the wrong hands, the sensitive information could be used for such illegal activities as committing identity theft and fraud. If you have a business that accumulates sensitive documents, it is essential to dispose of them in a secure manner. The following is a list of three important tips for proper document destruction procedures:

Secure Documents On-site:

It is important to have a program to ensure secure protection of sensitive documents on-site. It is important to perform regular data security audits to detect any areas that may be vulnerable to document loss and theft. In addition, it is important to make sure staff is trained in the handling of sensitive documents. It is essential to have a document security policy in place.

On-Site Document Storage:

It is vital for every company to implement a security program that ensures the security of documents when they are at their location. One of the best ways to secure documents for destruction is placing locked bins throughout the business so that employees can place confidential papers that are to be destroyed in the locked bins. This will make sure that the documents do not get tossed in the garbage and then stolen by criminals searching through the trash to find sensitive documents for criminal purposes. Also, employees must understand how to properly dispose of confidential waste and be instructed on not taking documents out of the business.

Hire a Document Destruction Company:

To ensure complete security and permanent disposal of sensitive documents, hire a document destruction company. When you hire a document destruction company you will be provided special locked bin where employees will place the documents. On the prearranged shredding day, the company will come to your location in a truck to pick up the documents. If you choose on-site shredding, the shredding company will have brought an industrial shredder with them on the back of the truck. The company’s security personnel will pick up the bins of documents and dump them into the shredding machine. The shredder will permanently and thoroughly shred the documents into tiny pieces that are like confetti. Often the business owner has the option of watching the shredding process via CCTV. Once the complete, the company will provide a certificate of document destruction which is legal proof the documents were destroyed. If you have chosen an off-site shredding service, the process is the same as on-site; however, the documents are taking back to the facility for shredding. In both services, the shredded remains are taken to a recycling facility.

If you do not secure your documents and criminals steal them and could use them for identity theft. The result can be loss of business, customers, profits, as well as costly lawsuits. The damage to a business reputation can be devastating and difficult to repair. A document destruction company will ensure that your sensitive papers are securely shredded so that no one ever sees or steals your sensitive documents. You will have peace of mind knowing that criminals will not get a hold of you documents and use them for criminal activities.

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