Tips for Using Car Seats Safely

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For parents, the safety of their kids has always been the topmost priority. Especially when taking them in the car, it is essential that they are entirely protected from any kind of injury. So for that reason, car seats are used. It is considered as the child safety seat and is best for traveling. It protects kids from sudden jerks and fatal injuries. Things like age, size, and weight of the child should be kept in mind while selecting a car seat. Also, the size of the car should be considered.

Howsoever, chances are there that parents are unable to provide the right seat to their kids in the right way. Thus, here we are with the tips for using the car seats safely.


  1. Select the right seat –

Choosing the right seat is a very crucial decision because it is supposed to protect your kid. Additionally, the comfort of the kid while traveling is equally essential. The size of every vehicle is also different, so you also consider the size of your car while buying the car seat. If you have more than one car, make sure that the car seat fits in all. Auto seats are made for the correct tallness, right age, and proper weight. Never buy the one that is used. It might be missing its parts.


  1. Be consistent -

Excuses like my child don’t like the auto seat, or we are just out for a moment should not be made. You will surely don’t want to take the risk for your baby. So, be consistent in using the seat whenever you go out.


  1. Use correct harness slots –

A 5-point harness that is appropriately fitted gives total protection to the baby. It has straps both for hips and shoulders. You can get to know about the range of height and weight of harness from the label of the car. Your child will grow with time. So make sure you use the right slot. On forward-facing seats, the straps are above the shoulders, and on rare-facing seats, the straps are just below the shoulders of your child.


  1. Install the car seat correctly -

Firstly you need to decide, whether you want lower anchors or seat belts to safeguard your child. Both are equally safe, so use one at a time. When your child is facing forward, don’t forget to use the tether with lower anchors and or the seat belt.


  1. Adjusting harness when the child is wearing winter coats –

The harness should be adjusted when the coat is off, because winter coats have extra air in them. Then put the coat again and rebuckle the harness.


  1. Don’t forward-face soon –

Keep in mind the right age of your child. Don’t make them sit in a face forwarding position too early.


We understand, how important car seats are to protect your baby. Hence, these above given six tips can help you in using the car seat safely.

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