Tips To Clean And Maintain Indoor Waterfall Water Pumps

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Indoor waterfall pumps are often used as ornaments inside homes and office spaces to add to the ambience and create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere with the gentle sound of running water. However, as time passes, hard water stains surfaces and forms mineral deposits that can clog fountain pumps if not regularly cleaned. It is therefore quite necessary to clean the water fountain in order to extend the life span of the water pump.

It is quite easy to clean and maintain indoor fountains. The fountain itself can simply be wiped with a soft towel to ensure smooth functioning. The water pump on the other hand requires more care and regular maintenance. In addition to being cleaned regularly, the level of water present in the pump should also be maintained regularly. Water that is in the basin of the fountain tends to evaporate over a period of time because of environmental heat. To prevent any damage to the pump, this basin should be regularly refilled.

With proper maintenance, these devices can last through long periods of time. It is important to ensure that the device is switched off before starting the cleaning process so as to avoid electrical shocks.

The first step is to remove the plug from the socket and then empty the water by simply pouring it out. If the fountain is not portable, use a vacuum to suck out the remaining water. To completely dry the basin, use a small rag piece to absorb the water.

Secondly to remove the mineral build up in the fountain, fill it with a mixture of vinegar and water. Switch it on and let the fountain operate for a few hours. Remember to turn the fountain off before using a scrubbing pad to remove the deposits from the tub. You can also use a soft toothbrush to reach smaller nooks and crannies. Once the fountain is clean, rinse the mixture and fill with clean water.

To clean a dirty fountain, you must first disassemble it part by part. Dirt and debris collect in individual parts of the fountain especially if it left unused for several days. After disassembling the fountain, use clean water to wash the surfaces of the different devices. Following this use a scrubber along with bleach and warm water to clean the parts. Soak these parts in water for a few hours. Once they are completely clean, make sure to dry them off completely before reassembling them.

It is also important to clean the water in the fountain at least once a month to ensure the quality of the pumps does not fall. Purified water is preferred to tap water as it contains fewer contaminants such as mineral deposits. In case you don’t want to use purified water, you can opt to treat the water in the pumps periodically to ensure high quality and better performance.

There are several products available that can help prevent the growth of algae, mould, as well as the development of mineral deposits. In addition to this, you can also find cleaning products that can be bought online at affordable prices.


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