Top 10 Amazing African Safaris

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Traveling is one of the best ways to way to relax, rejuvenate and freshen up the over-worked and stressed mind. Travel and tourism has become one of the biggest industries in the global market. With an increasing stress level at the work-place and personal lives, more and more people seek for a break that will break the monotony. Because of this very reason, tourism has peaked. People usually prefer the famous destinations like Dubai, Thailand, Singapore etc. But very few people opt for traveling to Africa. People have a stigma that only animal-lovers should go to Africa. This is not true and Africa is a place that will leave you speechless with its culture, traditions, lifestyle and the best- it’s animal safaris. Animal safaris are the strong point which attracts tourists in most African countries. These places are unharmed by the humans and take you closest to the nature and wildlife. Different safaris in different countries have different animals which makes every safari different from the others. Here is the list of top 10 amazing African safaris-

10. Duba, Botswana


Duba is a 65,000 acre game reserve in the northern Okavango Delta of Botswana. Although this game reserve is very difficult to reach due to very scarce and bad road connectivity, yet, it is very well famous with the tourists. The reason for this being that Duba is the home to the largest and the most magnificent lion prides of Africa. Apart from lions, you can see many great wild animals like hippos, crocodiles, impalas etc in this game reserve but most people go here to see the King of the jungle. The Duba game reserve is also where many National Geography documentaries and shows about lions and their prides are shot. Duba is an expensive destination but the experience is totally worth the money.

9. Mundulea Reserve, Namibia


Mundulea Nature Reserve is situated in the Otavi mountain region of Namibia. Its distinct features which give it a special recognition is that while most safari reserves are large plains, Mundulea Reserve is mountainous. Due to its mountainous terrain, this place is a photographer’s paradise, giving the photographers an elevated area to shoot the animals and nature. Most of the antelope species can be found in this reserve and apart from that, it is famous for its bird sighting walks. Giraffes, onyxes, black rhinos can also be spotted in the reserve. The limestone and marble hills are a million year old. Overall, this place is a paradise for wildlife photographers.

8.  Northern Kenya


Kenya is situated exactly on the equator, making the place a year-round hot favorite of the tourists. The Northern region of the country borders Ethiopia. This region is quintessential Africa with large, wild and vast plains and far out stretched horizons.  The tribes living in northern Kenya have found a way to live in co-existence with the lions, elephants, goats etc. Although this reserve is scarce in the number of wild animals, it compensates with the living in tents, campfire dinners and traditional folk dances by the tribes. One can truly get the feel of Africa that we imagine in Northern Kenya.

7. The Zambezi Valley, Zambia

Zambezi valley

The Zambezi Valley is one of the most scenic places to go for a safari. The clean, divine valley through which flows the Zambezi River is full of wild animals. It is a known fact that animals reside and hunt near any water body. The Zambezi River provides to be that water body and you can see herds’ of elephants taking a bath, deer, crocodiles in the murky shallow water etc. One can also go canoeing and river rafting in the river.

6. Rwanda


Rwanda is a very bleak option for most of the tourists due to the instability of the government there. But in the last few years, the country really has bucked up and has become safe. Thus, we saw the increase in the number of tourists flying to Rwanda to see the magnificent beats that are gorillas. Gorillas are not a common sighting everywhere but their sheer number in Rwanda is enough to make one want to go there. The other animals in Rwanda are not paid much attention to as the gorillas hog the limelight while eating and destroying the extensive banana plantations.

5. Kruger, South Africa


South Africa is one country which was a famous tourist destination before the safaris became a big thing. The Kruger Park, like South Africa itself, is an expensive place where you have luxury lodges and fenced areas for animals. This park is not like the vast open jungle safari that you can get in Africa. You can spot the African Big 5 here but it will all be in the calculated areas of human civilization. But if you want luxury as you spot your wild animals, this is your place.

4. Ruaha National Park, Tanzania


As your plane prepares of landing, you can see herds of zebras running across open, grassy fields- that’s Ruaha for you! Ruaha National Park is the largest park in Tanzania and it is a place where you can go rest assured that you will see a lot of game. And if you are very lucky, you may get to see all of the Big 5. Leopards, cheetahs, lions, elephants are a common sight here. It is also known for the many species of birds that migrate to the reserve.

3. The South Luangwa, Zambia

south luangwa

Not all nature will be beautiful and the South Luangwa is here to prove that. Located in Zambia, this region can get very hot and dry in the summers, it is thickly vegetated which can sometimes hide the animals, and the paths are not very clear. But this is the place which has the maximum amount of game. A lot of times, people here are advised to walk the reserves to get the most natural feel of the nature but not all people are brave enough to do so and they have open roof cars for that. You can spot zebras, giraffes, the Big 5 and many other animals.

2. The Central Kalahari Game Reserve


The Central Kalahari Game Reserve is the world’s second largest game reserve in Botswana. Unlike what most people think, this area is not all desert and is home to a wide array of different animals. The park has giraffes, hyenas, snakes, the dung beetle and all kinds of wild animals. The Bushmen who live in the reserve have been here since many years and they refuse to accept the modern ways of the human civilization.  It is the best place to see nature and life that is in its purest form.

1. Masai Mara, Kenya


If you want to be rendered speechless by the sheer greatness of nature and wildlife, head straight to Masai Mara. Its large open fields with scenic sunsets and sunrises and large herds of animals in their natural habitat is a scene that is utterly pleasing to the eyes. Lions, cheetahs, leopards, giraffes, elephants, deer, zebras and what not! You cannot go to Masai Mara and not see some great game. Many visitors have sworn that these African safaris were life-changing because they got to see the real beauty of nature and everyone must see that once in their lifetime.

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