Top 10 Bad Things about Indian Education System

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Top 10 Bad Things about Indian Education System


Although economy of the India is rising rapidly, but this cannot be taken as indication that everything is going well in the country. The productivity of the country is due to its youth. But, if you go overseas to study further, you would find that we are lacking some of the most important things. The need of the hour is to see the ground reality. Our education system is way too much inferior as compared to the education system in other countries. Top 10 bad things about the Indian education system are being discussed here.

  1. Promotion of Rat Race

In our country, most of the parents want their children to score good marks, top position in the class and nothing else. As soon as the results are declared, they start comparing their kids with other kids who have got higher marks. So, what children basically do is, they just mug up the text written in books, without even trying to understand their meanings and they sit in the exam hall and write down whatever they have crammed the earlier night. As soon as the examination is over, whatever they had studied goes away with it. So, the child is unable to acquire any analytical skills through whatever he/she has studied.

  1. Personality is Not Improved

Just including English as a subject in the main course of the boards does not mean the Indian children can speak and write properly in English. There would be still so many people who do not know how to write grammatically correct sentences, let alone paragraphs. Indians do not insist on the persona of the student, their insistence is on marks and grades. Personality is always more important than academics. Even if you are a school topper, but your face doesn’t reveal that, it is of no use.

  1. Analysis Part is Not Emphasized

Indian students are generally weak on the analysis and assessment part. The history of India is one of the most beautiful as compared with other countries, but children do not study it seriously. They just take it as a boring subject. It is important that children develop their own perspective towards something in order to succeed. Indian education system teaches children the pre-established views and if they don’t write the same thing in the exam, they fail. This way, children are never able to develop their own perspective towards anything.

  1. Too Much Nationalism is Taught

In almost every Indian school, children are taught to love their country and hate foreign countries. This is definitely not good as when a child grows, he understands the flaws in his own country and at that time, he would simply start hating it. Blind love is never a good thing. Education authorities should understand this thing and should do something to develop global outlook in their students rather than confining them to just their own country.

  1. Teachers are Not Efficient

It is said that children learn the character traits of a person they are in contact with. So, if the teacher who is teaching is himself not efficient enough, how can we expect students to be brighter than him? Most of the youth in India does not want to go in the teaching line because the teachers are underpaid. Government needs to train the teachers properly and pay them to their full potential if it wants to see a change in the calliper of Indian students.

  1. Medium of Teaching

Parents in India think that if their children are going to English-medium schools, then it is like an achievement for them. However, very few people understand that medium of teaching has nothing to do with subjects like mathematics, physics etc. All that is required is that students must be able to understand and learn what is being taught to them.

  1. Market Related Information is Not Given

There are so many educated persons in our country who are still looking for job. Do you really think that there is lack of employment opportunities? The answer is no. there are enough opportunities. What we lack is the awareness of these opportunities. When students get passed out from college, they do not feel like professionals, they still feel living the same college life because they are not taught previously how to survive in the market.

  1. Innovation and Creativity are Missing

Not all the children are same. While some children are born to study the established things and become great philosophers, there are some other kinds of children who do not want to study the pre-established things but create something new. Indian students rarely get the chance to put forward their innovative ideas; such is the education system of India.

  1. Students are not encouraged to become Entrepreneurs

Have you ever wondered by most of the Indians work in MNCs which are owned by Entrepreneurs from foreign countries? The answer is very simple. In India, parents and school teachers never encourage children to become entrepreneurs. What is taught in schools is just to get a high paying job, no matter if they have to work under someone lifelong. There is a lack of ambition in Indian students. As the final year of their degrees comes, they start looking for placements in foreign companies.

  1. Social Disparity Haven’t Come to an End Yet

The education system of a country is meant to remove the social disparity, such that poor children do not feel that they are inferior to the richer ones. However, in case of India, social disparity has gone up instead of going down. Divisions have been created richest students, travel to Stanford and Harvard for their further studies, even if they are not very bright and the poorer ones; despite of being bright students, have to stay here and they are not able to study further. It is high time government should think to improve the education system of our country and avail free education for the deserving children.

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