Top 10 Benefits of Chewing Gums

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Love chomping away chewing gum to make your breath fresh or just to enjoy its taste? You will be surprised to know that this chewing habit of yours is very much beneficial to you. You might not be aware that your champing habit is good for you in many ways. We are very much enchanted with making balloons of the chewing gum but have you ever wondered why it doesn’t melt in your mouth and becomes so rubbery? Chewing gums are made of chicle, a soft rubber mixed with the taste. Read on the following points to know better about the benefits of chewing gums.

10. Enhances brain activity:


Chewing gum boosts mental power in many ways. Chomping gums leads to the production of insulin which helps to stimulate certain areas in the brain. It helps to enhance the concentration and also increase the memory power. When you chew gum your heart rate increases which make the heart pump more blood to the brain and hence more oxygen to the brain. Experiments conducted on many people proved that people who chew gum have higher activity in the hippocampus, which is associated with the memory. It also helps to increase your thinking power and makes you more alert. Studies have shown that people who chew gum are fast at responding to situation than people who does not. National Institute of Radiological Science’s researches has proven that chewing gums improves cognitive performances.

 9. Reduces anxiety and stress

reduce stress

Are you stressed? Don’t be- rather pop a gum and chew it. Champing away a gum has many super powers like relieving your stress and tension. Chewing gum not only relieves stress immediately but has long lasting effect on the stress level. Many people have said that when they chew a gum, they feel more relaxed and calm. It helps to keep the mind away from the tension and keeps the mind deflected. Research has proved that students who chew gum in the exam perform better than those who do not. Chewing gums help to keep the negative emotions like stress, anxiety, frustration and irritation off the ward and help you to relax.

8. Burn calories


Chewing gums help to burn off the calories. Chewing gums help to burn the jaw calories. Jaw muscles burn 10 calories every hour when you chew a gum. It helps to curb the craving for desserts or any other food. Next time if you feel like munching something just chew a gum which will help you to reduce weight by reducing your craving for the snack. Sugar free gums have very less calories and hence become an ideal choice to chew to keep a check on your diet. It helps to manage the daily calorie intake by resisting the temptation to eat. So if you are on the mission to lose weight keep some sugar free gums in your pocket.

7. Improves Oral Health

improve oral health

Chewing gums can help to prevent your teeth from getting rot. Chewing gums can relieve you from bad breath and gum infections. It increases the flow of saliva in the mouth which neutralizes the acid from plaque, protects the gum enamel and wash off the food particles stuck between the teeth. Saliva contains antibacterial compounds which help in flushing off all the harmful material from the mouth.  It helps to keep the tongue clean by removing fragments of food and bacteria left after the meal. If you are suffering from cavities in your teeth than chewing on a gum can surely lessen the cavities. If you want your mouth to be thankful to you consider popping a gum every time you eat something or even when you feel your mouth is getting dry.

6. Improves Digestion


You might be surprised to know that chewing on a sugar free gum can help you to digest your food easily, but it is true. When you chomp on a gum it increases the flow and production of saliva. Saliva helps to break down the food in smaller chunks easily which improves digestion. Saliva also keeps the digestive acids low in the stomach which is another reason why chewing a gum helps in digesting the food. As we grow older the production of saliva and digestive acids decreases. The solution is to chew on a gum. So if you are having digestive problems than try chewing a gum after your meal.

5. Keeps you alert


Yes, chewing a gum can keep you alert and awake during a boring lecture or when you are too tired to work in the office. Chewing on a gum can be an alternative to drinking coffee as it also keeps you fresh and awake. Chewing gum keeps you alert by increasing the activity in your brain. Studies have proven that chewing gum can help people to stay focused and alert. People who chew gums are found to be more attentive during a lecture than their non- chewer counterparts.

4. Provides nutrients


Many gums contain nutrients such as vitamin C added to them. These chewing gums also contain fluorides which are known to keep the teeth strong. The gums that contain Xylitol are known to destroy and prevent the formation of bacteria in the mouth and hence protecting the mouth from bacterial attack.

3. Helps to quit tobacco and smoking

stop smoking

If you are on the mission to quit smoking and tobacco consider on chewing nicotine gum. These gums are helpful for the people who want to leave their smoking habits. Nicotine gums decrease the urge for the cigarettes. It has been observed that people who quit smoking need something to chew so as to keep their mouth busy. A sugar free nicotine gum is a better option than munching on junk foods.

2. Decreases the risk of Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)


GERD is caused when the digestive acids reach up in the oesophagus. This disease can cause burning sensation in the stomach. Champing a gum helps to keep the acids down in the stomach and increases the flow of saliva. This helps to prevent the acids to reach in the oesophagus and hence reduces the chances of this disease.

1. Taste


If your mouth urges for a better taste than chewing gum can help you with it. Gums are available in different flavors and they have very less calories. So if you want good taste in your mouth without gaining weight, chewing gum will be helpful for you.

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