Top 10 Benefits Of Meditation For Health

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The act of meditation can be seen as an attempt to train your mind or being conscious in order to reap certain benefits or reaching such a state being an aim itself. Meditation is a wide term and is used for different purposes by different people. It may be used to relax the body, generate internal energy or to develop the positive feelings of love, compassion, generosity and in doing so, wipe out the negative feelings of hatred, anger and other such emotions that block the continuous flow of positive energy in your life. Meditation has always been largely influenced by religion and people have been practicing meditation within its context. Meditation has numerous benefits for a person’s health. It has also been proved that meditation result in physiological benefits by changing neurological processes. The reality is that the benefits of meditation are numerous and still not completely known. I have tried my best to include the top ten health benefits of practicing meditation and here they are.


Helps in weight loss

Helps in weight loss

Consumer Reports and the American Psychological Association conducted a survey of psychologists and seventy per cent of them gave positive responses when asked about the advantages of using meditation for the purpose of weight loss. This is because when a person meditates about losing weight, a person thinks about all the wrong practices he does. He becomes aware of the irregular sleep patterns he has, the poor physical exercise he does and all the unhealthy foods that he desires. Once a person is aware of all the things that stop him from losing weight, he can find the solutions to it too.


Makes you smarter and improves concentration

Makes you smarter and improves concentration

Poor concentration is an indication of poor mental health. A person is said to be healthy only if he is physically, mentally and psychologically healthy. Meditation allows you to devote your entire focus to the task at hand and prevents your mind from following distracting thoughts that stray away from the task. Meditation helps you produce far better results than you could have spending the same amount of time.


Fresh and calm scents

Fresh and calm scents

The power of meditation is indeed magical. Scientific studies have shown that meditating can astonishingly reduce the level of pain to fifty per cent of its actual intensity and meditation achieves this through calming the areas of the brain that sense pain while activating the regions of the brain that help cope with the pain. Some studies have even claimed that the power of meditation is even stringer than morphine! Moreover the best way to tackle pain is to stop thinking about it. Meditation involves you directing all your attention on your breathing and blocking all the distracting thoughts.


10 Foods that Boost and Sharpen your Brainpower

10 Foods that Boost and Sharpen your Brainpower

Research done by scientists of the University of Oregon has shown that a technique of meditation that trains a person to integrate his body and mind can produce spell bounding results. It can help protect the brain from various kinds of illnesses and the technique was also found to increase the axial density (signaling connections in the brain) and also increase the protective tissue that myelin is around the axons of the nerve cells in the anterior cingulated region of the brain. Such benefits of meditation are more than enough to start practicing meditation every day and in a disciplined manner.



These days, it seems that you do not need to find stress. It automatically finds you. Be it reasons related to your work, be it the performance of your child at school or be it the numerous problems that every single day brings with it. You can not escape from stress. Running away is simply NOT an option. What you can do is battle it and battle it by management. Do not let stress overpower you. Meditate and focus all your thoughts on positive ones. Focus on an image of yourself capable of climbing any mountain that you face in the incredible journey of life. It has been found that the hormone cortisol which is related to stress is produced extremely less in people who meditate regularly.


Lowers lowers risk of cardiovascular diseases

Lowers lowers risk of cardiovascular diseases

Cardiovascular problems are one of the most widespread health disorders around the world. Blood pressure, increased levels of cholesterol that causes the blockage of blood vessels and weakened heart muscles are the most common problems of the cardiovascular system. Meditation helps in improving the cardiovascular system because it helps in reducing the heart rate and synchronizes the breathing too. It is also beneficial for the reason that it increases and improves the blood flow to the heart. People suffering from high blood pressure problems can benefit from meditation because it lowers blood pressure. Apart from these, meditation also helps in improving the cardiovascular system because it improves the stamina and as cited before too, it helps in stress reduction.


Improves sex life and cures infertility

Improves sex life and cures infertility

High fertility is the basic requirement for procreation and ensuring the birth of healthy offspring. Fertility problems can be pretty hard to accept since it reduces the chances of a person to be a parent one day. However, meditation has also been found to improve the reproductive system and also have positive effects on the person’s fertility. According to Dr. Maria Muzik who works at the University of Michigan as an assistant professor, twenty per cent of women are likely to face depression during pregnancy and meditation is a powerful tool to tackle it.



Meditation will help you sleep better at night. If you practice meditation regularly, you will not be experiencing any kind of drowsiness in the morning and you will be feeling energetic and active throughout the day. Sleep is very essential for battling stress. Improper sleep, that is excess or lack of sleep also leads to stress and thus meditation is all the more important because meditation for twenty minutes twice a day will ensure that you get the perfect amount of sleep. During sleep, the mind has to stay calm and thus the metabolism should be reduced and metabolism does exactly that.


an act of strength

You do not need to be reminded the ill effects of stress and anxiety. Among its numerous disadvantages, the weakening of the immune system is also present. The production of the hormone cortisol is triggered by excess stress and the hormone is responsible for the weakening of the system that protects your body from various kinds of infections. Thus, meditation is essential for the strengthening and maintenance of the immune system since it reduces stress.


6. Learn to accept your emotions

Studies on the effects of meditation on the emotional health of a person have shown that it makes a person more compassionate and floods the person with feelings of generosity. There is a common link between emotional health and psychological as well as physical health. Negative emotions such as anger, hatred, envy and other such disturbing and depressing emotions can be removed through proper meditation.

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