Top 10 Benefits of Having a Pet

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Thinking why some people are so crazy about their pets? Yes, it is weird but they are really happy and there a lot of reasons associated with it. Having a notion that looking after a pet is hectic? This is just a pre-conceived notion and one should not be bothered by it. Pets make a person better, they change a person’s perception and bring out the optimism inside them. If this is the case then why not take a chance to be on a positive track. Trying to love animals as we love human beings won’t be harmful. It’s not only about the things derived from pets but also about the bond that is developed with them. Yes , the ‘bond’, people do become sad when their pets die and there is a big smile on their face when they see their lovely pets after a long period of time.

10. Lets you laugh out loud


Many owners like to talk about their pet’s activities in front of their co-workers, family members and sometimes in front of strangers, which helps in bringing humor into everyday life. They bring laughter and humor into our busy and stressful lives. Sometimes people forget to laugh, but when you return from your work and see your pet comes to you, a smile automatically appears on you face. At the end of the day, being happy in life is what a person wants and that is what the presence of a pet brings about in a person’s life.

9. Physical Fitness Motive


In today’s busy world people hardly get time to take care of their body. Everyone wants to have a jog in the morning but your laziness takes control over you and does not let you get up from your bed.So, because of this quite a few people keep dogs, as most dogs need to be walked several times a day. They are considered to be the perfect personal trainer. It acts as a good reason for them to get their body moving. Physical Fitness along with mental fitness is very important in today’s world. If one thinks it does not work then please try it out once, it will surely help you loose at least one’s weight and would ease the body.

8. Meet new People


Sometimes people tend to use pets to talk to people when they do not have topics to start a conversation. It is a very simple trick used by boys who want to talk to good looking girls. Socialising by using pets is a very easy way to connect to people with whom one has wanted to know. There are many social networking sites focused on pets like,;etc.Some go to dog parks and or pet training classes in order to both learn about controlling their pets and also making some new friends. It is a great technique to leave back the shyness which is present in many people, who hesitate in talking to others.

7. Immunity


People have a wrong conception with the fact that staying next to animals could lead to a disease. A study by James.E.Gern; paediatrician at the University of Wisconsin-Madison reveals that having a pet at home can lower a child’s development of allergies at an early stage could be reduced as much as 33 percent. The research not only shows that there is a reduction in development of allergies but also there is a possibility that the child can develop a stronger immune system. It is just psychological and people have to let it go and start enjoying with animals.

6. Protection


Generally pets get attached to their owners and know them merely by their odour. In times of danger from some sort of coercion or any physical attack they can be very helpful as they can sense that their master is in trouble. Dogs are considered to be the best protectors in case of pets, but there is nothing better if one can tame a lion or a tiger. When you are alone in your house and feel scared they give you a secured feeling. Every person wants to feel secured someday or the other and pets are the ones who will always give the comfort and assurance of being safe as long as they are there.

5. Cancer Detection


Many people do not know that even before they recognize that they are sick, their pet does. There is a change in the overall behavior of a pet in such a situation, especially in the case of dogs. Dogs have been very useful in diagnosing cancer and nowadays, they are being trained to detect them as they can detect it in less than 3 hours. It is possible because when they are playing with you they tend to be all over the person’s body and that is the time when they sniff and lick and react if something is wrong. In short, we see they add another candle to your birthday cake each year!

4. Healthy Heart


Pets have always proven to be an overall health improving factor. People agree to the fact that the presence of a pet can fill a person’s heart with love. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and National Institute of Health (NIH) have both conducted heart-related studies on people who have pets. The study has resulted that pet owners have decreased blood pressure, low cholesterol and triglyceride levels; which in turn reduces the risk of having a heart attack.

3. A Relief to Alzheimer Patients


When a relative has Alzheimer, it becomes very difficult to cope up with them. At times people get frustrated and their spirits gets crushed seeing the suffering of their loved ones. It is the pets who have proven to be a joy for them. Studies have revealed that Alzheimer patients have fewer outbursts when a pet is around and it is preferable to have a cat, as it requires little additional care. Research found that pet fish can help by facilitating healthy weight gain among Alzheimer’s patients, who often suffer from a lack of adequate nutrition.

2. Reduce Stress Levels


It is often said that pets create a space in a person’s heart which helps them fight their stress levels. They help in improving the overall mood of the person and also tend to create a positive aura filled with joy and happiness. There is a saying ‘less the anxiety ,less the pain’, it is very apt in this case as pets reduce the anxiety or a feeling of loneliness in a person. When a person does not want to talk to a human being about something, he still needs to get it out of his system. In the above said case, pets acts as a companion and thus takes out the frustration buried within you. There is no denial to the fact that pets are a great mood booster, it’s just that one needs to find the one which could fit into your lifestyle. Pets are considered to be so effective that even in rehabilitation centres doctors allow patients with their pets. Believe it or not pets can be best medicines, especially when a person is dealing with chronic pain such as migraines or arthritis.

1. Helps you Love Yourself


Pets can instill a greater sense of self-worth and self-esteem in their owners, and help you fight back when you are feeling low. Pets give unconditional love to their owners and the best part is that they do not judge you and accept you as the way you are. There can be nothing better one is getting unconditional love; it will only result in optimism in one. It is very important to know yourself and pets do help in knowing yourself which in turn leads in loving yourself.

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