Top 10 Best Ski Resorts in the World

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Winter is coming. This is not just the very popular catchphrase from the popular TV show of Game of Thrones but winter is actually on its way and in a month or so, we will have a full-fledged winter season. Winter usually means lots of ice-skating, snow-angels, hot-chocolates, and last but not the least, skiing. Winter skiing is one of the most popular sports associated with winters. Skiers and snowboarders rush to the nearest mountain slopes to practice and perfect their skills. While many people just do it for the sake of fun and thus, they wouldn’t dare to go on the breath-taking yet treacherous mountain slopes. For such people, winter ski resorts are the best options. Affordable, comfortable, equipped with trainers and helpers, and completely safe, ski resorts have become a huge deal with people of all ages. There are some amazing ski resorts all around the world. With still a month to go for winter to come entirely, one can book their places at these ski resorts right away. Here is the list of the top 10 ski resorts in the world –

10. Hyatt Grand Aspen


The place Aspen in Colorado, USA is known for its un-linked and steep mountains. This place is a winter sports lover’s paradise. The Hyatt Grand Aspen resort is a high-end luxury resort which is located just steps away from the breathtaking mountain of Ajax. This mountain is full of steeps and bumps which is what every skier/snowboarder looks for. It has terrain for skiers of all levels- right from amateur up to pros.

9. Rosa Alpina

rosa alpina

Hotel and Spa, Rosa Alpina is amongst the world’s first ski resorts ever. Located in the uber-stylish neighborhood of Cortina, Italy, it is one of the best resorts to go skiing as the traffic on the slopes is very less due to fewer people opting to go there. It is as great as any Alps ski resort in Switzerland. What makes this ski resort special is that it hosted the participants of the 1956 winter Olympics. For those who aren’t inclined towards winter sports, the amazing spa here is a great treat.

8. Fairmont Tremblant

fairmont tremblant

Canada is probably what comes to one’s mind when we say winter sports. The Canadians are known for their expertise in these sports due to Canada’s long and harsh winters. Fairmont Tremblant is located in Quebec, the French-Canadian quarters of eastern Canada on the foothill of the Laurentian Mountains and it just an hour drive away from Montreal. It is eastern Canada’s best ski resorts since it opened in 1939. People flock in during the winter from all around the world but especially from rest of the parts of Canada and from USA.

7. Stowe Mountain Lodge


Everyone loves a traditional hotel. And Stowe Mountain Lodge gives us the best New England style lodging there is. Located in Vermont, Canada, it is one of the most picturesque places in the world. It is surrounded by Mount Mansfield which is known for their dangerous slopes. It also has the North America’s biggest vertical slope for the skilled skiers. It is a huge resort with about 300 rooms, so to provide the best possible facilities to their customers, the resort has some 90 restaurants spread across its area for its travelers.

6.  Auberge du Bois Prin


The Alps are most people’s favorite destination when it comes to winter get-away. And why would it not be? With its pristine nature and great slopes, it’s everyone one asks for. And Auberge de Bois Prin is one of the world’s most coveted ski resorts when it comes to the Alps. Located at the foot of Mont-Blanc, (literally meaning the White Mountain) the highest peak in the Alps, at Chamonix, France, this resort brags about its vertical drop of 9209 feet. It also hosted the world’s first Winter Olympics in the year 1924. To top these feats, it also boasts of the logest run in the Vallee Blanche (The White Valley) of 13.9 miles.

 5.  Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise


Any avid traveler of travel reader will have heard about this little heaven on Earth that is Banff. Known for its lakes, mountains and valleys, you cannot miss this place in the cold Canadian winters. Fairmont Chateau, Lake Louise is located in the humongous Banff National Park of Canada. It is known as the North America’s most scenic mountain resorts due it’s beautiful natural surroundings. It has many mountains to boast of, like Mount Norquay, Mystic Ridge, etc. These mountains are known for their ‘unrelenting vertical slopes’.

4. Lion Square Lodge


Lion Square Lodge is in Vail Colorado, USA and it bags the bragging rights for being the USA’s largest single largest ski area with around 5,300 acres of area open for skiing and other winter sports. It is often known as ‘America’s most loved ski resort’ as with skiing, it also offers the tourists an array of other activities like sledging, snowmobiling etc.

3. Grand Hotel Zermatterhoff

grand zermatt

The Swiss Alps are nature’s wondrous creations. High-ranging mountains with such pristine beauty are what the Alps are often described as and the description is 100% apt. Located in Zermatt, Switzerland, this resort wins the hearts of the tourists in comparison to its neighboring city of Gstaad due to it’s car-free, thus, pollution free environment. It is the best get-away for tourists who seek peace. It also holds the world’s second biggest air-served vertical drop to make your adrenalin pump.

2. Best Western Premier Kaiserhof


After World War 2, the American soldiers found many chateaux or palatial houses in Austria which served as winter and summer houses for Hitler during his reign. There houses were later converted into resorts. The Best Western Premier Resort, Kaiserhof is located in Kitzbuhel. The village of Kitzbuhel is 700 year old and is considered as the ‘Pearl of the Alps’. The beauty of the Austrian Tyrol is well known and the skiers can revel in the great slopes of these Alpine mountains.

1. Summit Lodge and Spa


People from all around the world have ranked the Whistler Blackcomb in British Columbia as their most preferred destination for travel during winters. And why would they not, this place has everything to offer right from world-cuisine and big brands to world-class skiing facilities and local shops for those who like traditional things. Not only that, but the Whistler offers the tourists the biggest vertical drop there is in North America. The Summit Lodge and Spa is a perfect place to let loose and start the winter fun. The biggest advantage that this resort offers is it’s precious ‘Hot Beverage Hub’ where you can get hot chocolate and other hot beverages throughout the day while relaxing on the balconies with the breathtaking view of the snow-capped mountains.

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