Top 10 Bizzare Traditions in the World

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There are funny and strange traditions followed all over the world. There are some rituals which are very shocking and creepy. We have progressed so much but still there are places on the earth where people follow backwards traditions which have no logical reason to be followed. Here are some of the bizarre traditions followed all over the world.

1. Monkey Buffet Festival

A strange tradition in Macaque, which is celebrated on the last Sunday of the month in November, is a monkey buffet festival. During this festival the people of macaque offer food stuffs, fruits, snacks and even cold drinks to the monkey population of this city. For the monkeys special chefs prepare special meals so that these monkeys can eat the delightful food. The locals take so much pain as according to them these monkeys bring good luck in the city and are very helpful in gathering the tourist crowd from all over the world. This tradition is an old one, and the locals tolerate the nuisance of monkeys just because of an old story in which a monkey helped a bride to escape from demons.

2. Mourning of Muharram

This is an important time of mourning for Muslim Shias which takes place during the first month, according to the Islamic calendar, Muharram. It is also known as the ‘Remembrance of Muharram. The mourning of Muharram has originated in Iraq. During this period the people following Shia Islam come together in a gruelling tradition in which people whip their body with chains containing knives and razors on it. This strenuous act is done by people from all the age groups and even children are deliberately asked by the parents to take part in this tradition. It is usually practiced in India, Iraq, Pakistan, Lebanon and Bahrain.

3. Baby tossing

A very weird tradition followed by people living in Solapur, a rural part in India. It is mainly followed by people who worship at Baba Umer Dargah’s shrine. In this tradition the parents of a newborn baby toss their baby from a tower at a height of 50 feet. People hold a special kind of white cloth to catch the baby in it below the tower. They follow this unsafe act as it is believed that this tradition will make the baby bold and daring when he will grow up. Initially, it was followed just by the Muslim crowd, but now it is even practiced by Hindus.

4. Foot Binding

Foot binding is a tradition followed in China, which is more than 1000 years old. In this tradition the feet of young women in China are bound tightly to prevent the growth of their feet. It was introduced among the upper class dancers in China, but gradually became popular among all the upper classes in China. This is a painful tradition for women as their feet are bound in lotus shoes of 3 feet, which makes the movement difficult and painful. It showcases the beauty and richness of a woman in China.

5. Finger cutting

This gruesome tradition is followed in Indonesia by the Dani tribe. We all mourn at the loss of a family member, but women of Dhani tribe are forced to cut a small segment of their fingers to mourn the death of a relative.  If you are a girl you will be thankful to God that you are not born into this tribe otherwise you would have faced this physical pain along with the emotional pain whenever a family member will die. It is rarely practiced now, but still some people in Indonesia follow this tradition.

6. Self- Mummification

Self-Mummification known as Sokushinbutsu is a tradition followed by the monks following Buddhism who observe sternness and plainness at an extreme point which causes death and eventually mummification. This practice was followed in the eleventh and the nineteenth century in Japan in a school of Buddhism by the name Shingon. It was not considered as an attempt to suicide by this people, but as a way of enlightenment. The monks who were able to get success in this tradition were considered sacred, but who were not able to do this practice were not even respected in the school.

7. Sati

Sati was considered an important tradition back in the olden days in India, but it is now banned in India. It is a funeral custom practiced by a Hindu widow who used to burn herself on the funeral pyre of her husband. It was a voluntary act, but in some Hindu communities women were forced to commit this act after her husband’s death. Though it is considered as a serious crime in the Hindu society now-a-days, but still cases are registered where women burn and die on their husband’s funeral pyre.

8. Giraffe Woman

This is a strange and a peculiar tradition followed by the Kayan people living in the mountains between Thailand and Burma. It is easy to identify the women of the Kayan tribe because of the weird tradition of wearing brass coils around their neck. These brass rings lengthen the neck of the women of this tribe and hence these women are regarded as giraffe women by many people. From the age of five the woman here is expected to wear a neck ring which is then gradually replaced by longer rings as they grow up.

9. Female Genital Mutilation

Female Genital Mutilation or female genital cutting is a tradition followed in around twenty seven countries in Africa. This tradition is practiced for 2000 years, which is a cultural practice in Africa. The external female genital organs are permanently cut off or damaged in this tradition. FGM is carried out in the earlier stages of life of a girl using a knife or a razor. Though may consider it as a dangerous and painful tradition, but for the women of these countries it is an honorable tradition.

10. Sky Burial

A creepy tradition followed in some Chinese provinces is the sky burial. In this tradition the corpses are placed on the top of the mountain for the predator birds to feed on them. According to the people in these provinces the dead body is considered as an empty vessel and it should not be preserved.

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