Top 10 Characteristics of Brown Eyed People

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Physiognomy is the science (some would say the art) of face reading. In ancient times , it was considered a fool proof way of determining the nature of a person. Modern day ideology has discounted such sciences as outdated, but some of their beliefs still stick around. One such belief is the idea that the color of a person’s eyes can reveal a lot about his or her personality. Your personality will depend to a large extent upon whether your eyes are green, brown, hazel, black or blue. I do not make any claims about their truthfulness or verifiability, but here is a compilation of some widely held beliefs about the traits and characteristics of brown eyed people-

10- Love for Books

It is said that people with brown eyes love to read. From novels to non-fiction to biographies to autobiographies, people with brown eyes love to strain them by reading too much. They can’t imagine a Sunday better spent than one rifling through books at a bookstore, or walking through second hand book bazzars to find steals at a fraction of the real price. All of them, of course, have a favorite genre. Some prefer fantasy books like Harry Potter while others like to read comic books. Brown eyed people are therefore ideal English majors as they love sitting down to analyze sayings and point out obscure references in books and poetry. You can find them at libraries, in the quiet corners of the house, on bookstore sofas and under their covers at night with a flashlight- reading.

9- Hate Conflict

Most people with brown eyes hate conflict of any sort. They will apologize and try to soothe things over rather than continue to argue and prove their point. They are the kinds who will shut up in the middle of an argument just to avoid prolonging it further. Brown eyed people hate fighting and confrontations of any sort. Peace loving at heart, they will even put their own wishes last if that means no conflict with their parents or peers or even strangers. You will see them smiling and pouring oil on troubled waters, acting as mediators between fighting friends. That is why they are a favorite in all friend groups, often described as the glue that holds the group together.

8- Good Listeners

If you are sad or mad and want a friend who will listen to you rant, it would do you well to contact the friend with brown eyes. Brown eyed people are generally considered to be good listeners. They will sit down patiently and hand you tissues while mascara runs down your cheeks when you weep. They will clear their schedule and meet you for coffee if you want to discuss your new boyfriend. They will talk to you on the phone and listen to your woes. Moreover, they will not just listen but even offer valuable advice where it is needed. What makes them such good listeners is also the fact that they avoid judging. You can open up all your secrets to brown eyed people who will be sure to keep them.

7- Good Secret Keepers


Two can keep a secret if one of them is dead? Probably not true when one of the two people is a brown eyed guy or girl. As mentioned in the previous point as well, brown eyed people are ideal if you want to discuss confidential stuff. They will take your secrets to the grave and they make for trustworthy friends. Whether it is a small secret about nicking candy at the supermarket or a bigger one about cheating on your girlfriend, it will be safe with your brown eyed friend. If there’s something you have done which you need to talk about but you don’t know with whom, choose a friend who has brown eyes. These friends will listen and not judge, no matter how bad or how shameful your deed was. So if you need a load off your shoulder, talk to a brown eyed friend.

6- Loyal


Whether as friends or partners, brown eyed people are known for being the loyal ones in a relationship. If there is anything they hate, it is hypocrisy and two faced people. Betrayal, for them, would be right up there with the seven deadly sins. Being loyal themselves, they expect the same from their friends and partners. You won’t find a brown eyed person back biting you or talking behind your back. If they consider you a friend, they will always be loyal to you. But breaking the trust of a brown eyed person is not advisable, for they can carry a grudge for far longer than you’d imagine.

5- They don’t forget quickly

Brown eyed people are blessed with a good memory. They remember stuff very well, even random stuff that most other people won’t even notice properly. The color of the shirt you wore yesterday, the dates of the Second World War, the name of the reader they used in kindergarten and more random stuff like this. The upside to this is, naturally, that they do well in school. Rattling off dates or learning mathematical formulae is a piece of cake for them. The downside to this is that they also remember the things you’d rather they didn’t, like embarrassing moments their friends may have experienced. Also, since they don’ forget easily, brown eyed people can hold a grudge for the longest time. So don’t do anything to annoy them and lose a loyal friend in the bargain.

4- Intelligent


They are also known for their intelligence and wit. Brown eyed people are smart, smarter than most other people around them. Maybe it is their love for reading which makes them so. Maybe it is in their genes. Who knows? The fact is that a lot of brown eyed people are fairly intelligent and do well in school and college. They fare well in IQ tests, remember stuff easily and are quick in making connections and associations.

3- Friendly


This is one of their best qualities. Brown eyed people are known for being friendly, and not in a fake way either. They genuinely want to know people, make new friends, keep in touch with old ones and then have a good time with their friends. The result is that they are generally well liked by their peer group. You can find them mingling with different groups and having fun with everyone. The friends they have, they try to keep. They will make an effort to stay in touch with old friends. Of course, like anybody else, brown eyed people too have best friends, and to these they remain especially loyal.

2- Reserved

The fact that they are friendly and like knowing people doesn’t necessarily make them extroverts. In fact, a lot of brown eyed people are actually pretty shy when amidst people they don’t know too well. They gel well with people, but need time to open up. Group discussions and class presentations are not exactly the ideal scenarios for brown eyed people. They are sometimes reserved, and look forward to introspective time alone. They will make an effort to mingle with new people they meet, but are not exactly fully in their element when it comes to being the centre of attraction in a large group.



The best thing about brown eyed people? They are very trustworthy. You can trust them with almost anything, from trivial stuff to serious matters. They will never betray the trust of their friends, and do expect the same in return. You can tell them secrets and count on their discretion. They are not the kinds who will cheat on their partners. In their value system, trust holds the highest position.

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