Top 10 Cities Loved by Foodies

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Tired of eating the same boring, tasteless food?  If yes, then India will provide you a destination to relieve your hunger. India is a very diverse country with people belonging to different traditions living on the same land offers different varieties of food. If you are a food lover and wants to satisfy your taste buds with the best food found in India then we have got a list for you.


1. Mumbai

Not only will you find people belonging to varied religion and culture in Mumbai but it is also known as the best place for street foods. The colourful cuisines found here is so tempting that it will tempt you to try all the dishes. Different flavours mixed with spices are what you cannot find anywhere else on this earth. Paani puri, sev puri, and the yummy vada pav is some of the most delicious foods you will find here. Street food is the most luring part of this versatile city. The dishes include mainly coconut in them and the regional cuisines contain coconut in a very heavy amount. Even if you are a non- vegetarian, you need not worry about it as the city offers both kinds of cuisines in equal options.

2. New Delhi

New Delhi is a famous tourist destination in India known for its historical destinations. New Delhi is not only famous for its beautiful monuments and historical places, but it is also well known for its street food. The capital of India is also known as the gastronomic capital of our country. Famous for the mouth watering street food, New Delhi is among the top 10 famous cities in India. If you want to find all the delicious food of Delhi in only one place, then Chandani Chowk is where you should visit. The delectable dahi Bhalla, Chole Kulche, different types of paranthas and all the non-vegetarian cuisines would obviously make you want to visit Delhi.

3. Bangalore

You think Bangalore has just pizza chains and malls then you should visit the city to know about its colourful and wide variety of cuisines. If you are in love with Udipi food, then Bangalore is the place for you. Malleshwaram is the food destination in Bangalore where you can enjoy kharabhath, idli andvada sambhar. The diverse population of this city can find different types of cuisines for them. You will different varieties of food like Chinese, French, south Indian dishes, food for North Indians and even for people from Afghan.

4. Hyderabad

It is hard to forget the delightful taste of Hyderabad, the royal city of India. The different cuisines you will find in this city is a mixture of different cuisines from Persian cuisine, Mughal as well as Telugu cuisine. The various famous foods in this city are Qubani ka Mitha, fruit biscuits, Paya, Haleem, Pheni and Dil khush. If you want to eat authentic cuisines like Arabic, Mughlai and Turkish then Hyderabad is the city for you to visit in India. The most famous dish of Hyderabad is its Biryani made by mixing vegetables, lamb, basmati rice and chicken.

5. Goa

The regional food of Goa mainly consists of rice, coconut milk and seafood. Goa offers a very vivid variety of delicious seafood. Situated alongside the Arabian Sea the spices mixed in the food are deeply flavoured and intense in taste. Famous dishes offered are pork, spicy chicken curries, and fish curries. The cuisine is a mixture of Indian and Portuguese cuisines with a blend of modernized taste. The uniqueness in the food of Goa is due to the way the food is cooked in pots over the flames imparting a smoky taste to the dishes of Goa.

6. Kochi

For all the foodies if you are visiting South India, then Kochi is a perfect destination for you. Kochi offers a spicy delight of both non vegetarian and non vegetarian cuisines. Like all south Indian dishes you will find cuisines in Kochi filled with coconut and served on the big banana leaves. The difference in dishes that you will find in Kochi is the rich spices added in the dishes that will surely make water flow from your eyes. You will also find the banana mixed in different dishes offered here.

7. Chandigarh

When we talk about North Indian cuisines then i am sure Punjabi food is the first thing that pops into your head. The Punjabi food offered in Chandigarh is the most authentic Punjabi food you can eat all over the world. Extensively filled with ghee, paneer and butter the food offered here is mainly wheat based and full of spices. Daal cooked in Punjabi tadka with buttery naan is the must try dish, when visiting in Chandigarh. The main ingredients of Chandigarh cuisines are onion, garlic, ginger and different types of flavouring spices. The creamy lassi of Punjab should not be forgotten when it comes to beverages of north India.

8. Jaipur

Rajasthan’s capital and popularly known as the pink city will serve you with the best taste of Rajasthani food. The traditional Rajasthani food cooked in earthy dishes and low flame imparts a unique and smoky flavour to the dishes. The famous dishes offered in Rajasthan includes bajra and make ki Rotti, Kaddi, Batti, Dal, Churma, gate ki sabji and lots more delicious dishes you will not find anywhere in the world. The traditional Rajasthani food is cooked in pure ghee and the sweets includes mawa which is famous sweet made from sugar and milk.

9. Pune

The main ingredients you will find in the dishes in Pune are Pearl millet and sorghum. The famous milkshake of Pune is Mastani, which contains dried fruits in a large quantity. The dishes are very aromatic because of the use of garlic in almost every dish cooked here. The main dishes of Pune are Puran Poli, Pav Bhaji, Bhelpuri and Misal Pav.

10. Kolkata

The Bengali food is all about fishes and sweets. Mixed with spices to challenge your spice palates jhal muri and the spicy golgappas are the basic street food in Kolkata. There are bakeries in this city from the time of British rule in India which offers clotted cream as well as scones in Kolkata. Other dishes you should try while on a visit to Kolkata are Telebhaja, kosha mangsho, Kathi rolls and Mughlai paranthas.

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