Top 10 Most Common Reasons for Job Change

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Job change has become much more common today than it was a few years back.  For professionals, there is more to a job than a decent salary and health benefits. It is only with experience and time that a person gets a clear idea of ‘what he wants’ and ‘what he does not want’.  A lot of people are ready to take the risk of quitting their job and search for a new one if it fails to meet their expectations.

So what does a person expect from his employers? An interesting job profile, appreciative boss, cooperative co workers, incentives, rewards and much more! Leaving a job and searching for a new one is stressful and risky but in some cases, it is much better than being stuck in the wrong job. Here are some common reasons for job change.

10. Trying out something new


The world we live in today is full of new opportunities. There are certain careers which were absolutely unheard of a few decades ago. Although this has made it tough for the youngsters to choose a career path, there is also a bright side to it! With so many options available, your chances of finding your ‘dream job’ (or something close to it) are higher than ever. Many young professionals prefer trying out a few jobs before they finally settle for the most fulfilling one.  Even professionals who have been working for a number of years may develop interest in evolving fields which were not there when they first stepped into the professional world.

9. Lack of stability


If an employee feels that the company he is working for is losing money, customers and most probably heading towards a closure, he prefers to change his present job for a more stable one rather than sailing on a sinking ship. It won’t be long before you will have to face the ill effects of the downward spiral your company is experiencing.  Everybody likes a stable job but when that sense of security and stability is lost, it is time to look for something new and start fresh!

8. Lack of interest


Does the mere of thought of going to work every day makes you want to tear your hair out?  Is your work way too dull, monotonous and boring?  If this exactly how you feel, maybe you should start thinking about a job change! A number of people who do not find their jobs fulfilling prefer looking for new and more exciting jobs. For example, if a creative person has a mechanical job profile, soon he will feel lose interest in work. Lack of interest is one of the main reasons why many professional go for a job change.

7. Wrong expectations


People may also think about changing their job if they realize that their job profile is entirely different from what they thought it will be. This is especially seen among people who have just finished their studies and entered the professional world. Once they have finally worked for some time, these young professionals soon realize that the career they envisioned is completely different from reality.  In such a situation these professional prefer looking for a new job instead of wasting their time and energy on the wrong one.

6. Too much stress


There is hardly any job in the world which does not bring in atleast a certain level o stress. If the level of stress is not too high, it can be managed. But what if the work stress is too much for you to handle? What if your troubles at work have started effecting your person life and health? A number of people caught in such a situation prefer changing their jobs before the high stress level causes them any more damage.

5. Stuck in the ‘dead-end’ Job


People often go for a job change in order to escape a ‘dead-end’ job where there is no chance for them to progress. A person feels rewarded on receiving incentives, promotions or a salary increase. If you are stuck in the same position and with the same salary for a long time you will certainly lose interest in work. If a person feels his employers are not appreciating his efforts, he is not getting to learn anything new or he is not getting the chance to handle any interesting projects, a job change might be the only way out.

4. Unhealthy relationship with co-workers


You spend a major part of your day in the office and so it is very important that you have a healthy relationship your co workers. Sometimes people have to face a lot of problems at work due to uncooperative co workers, especially when your work requires you to work as a team! These problems, if not taken care of at the right time, not only make your job a nightmare, they may also affect your physical and mental health. In some cases, the best way to get rid of your unhealthy working environment is to change your job. In such a situation, going for a fresh start instead of bearing your unbearable boss and colleagues is a great idea.

3. Bossy bosses


Sometimes, professionals are forced to quit their jobs and look for a new one because of unhealthy relationships with their employers. Maybe your boss is finding it hard to forgive you for your previous mistakes (irresponsibility, lethargy etc) or maybe you are being discriminated against no matter how hard you work. If this is exactly what you are going through, maybe it is time for you to look for a new job.

2. Change in priorities and needs


Change in needs or priorities may also cause a job change. Suppose you have got married recently and your busy schedule does not allow you to spend time with your spouse, you may want to take up a less hectic job. If your job keeps you too busy and you are facing a work-life imbalance, a job change might be the only solution! Job Arrival of a kid may also call for a job change. Parents, especially mothers may want to take up a job which allows them to spend time with her child or maybe the increase in responsibilities may force the parents to look for a higher paying job.  Serious illness can force you to take up a less stressful job which does not keep you busy all day. Change in financial conditions is another reason you may look for another job in case the present one does not pay you enough.

1. Higher paying jobs


Money is perhaps one of the main (and sometimes the only) reason why you take up a job in the first place! A job change seems to be a very logical step if the new employers are offering you more money for the same amount of work and time. If a person feels his current employers are underpaying him, he may become dissatisfied and disinterested and this will affect his work performance. Sometimes, the only way to make sure that you are being paid what you are worth is to quit your present job and look for better opportunities.

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