Top 10 Most Deadly Adventure Sports

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An adventure is something that involves excitation and such adventures can be turned into a real life story. Most of these adventures involve huge risks and can be dreadful for adventurer’s life. An adventurer is someone who devoted his complete life journey to these adventures by doing those things which are risky. Care must be taken while doing risky adventures because they may be dangerous and can even result into death of a person. Various types of dangerous adventures that people normally like to do are skydiving, cheerleading, base jumping, ice climbing, Skiing, high attitude climbing, gliding, space travel and many other adventures tasks. The top ten deadly adventures sports are detailed as-

10. Skiing


Skiing or snowboarding is a winter sport which involves a snow covered land area with a descending slope. In this adventure, a board, also known as Snowboard deck is attached to the rider’s feet on a special type of boot with the help of bindings and then the adventure begins. Various styles associated with skiing are free ride, freestyle, free carve, and kite skiing. Kite skiing is one of the most preferred types of skiing, in which a transaction kite is used and a harness is given to the rider, which helps to pull the rider in the air and path across the snow. Kite skiing is popular in wide open fields as well as in the downhill across snow covered area and mountains. For beginners, proper learning about this diving must be taken from a professional and experienced instructor else fatal injuries may occur. Most injuries occur during entering and exiting ski lifts.

9. High lining


A scary kind of walking on a lengthy and a tight rope is generally referred as high lining. Some similarity of this adventure can be assumed from some circus show where a net is kept below the adventurer so that if in case of any misstep occurs during the task, the adventurer falls on the net and hence will be safe. In high lining, instead of having net safety, a rope is made to attach along the adventurer and there is always a risk of falling down from the rope because the rope is not tightly wound and stabilized. Thus High lining task is more adventurous than the rope task carried out in circus and other magic stage shows.

8. Street Luge


Street Luge is a type of adventurous sports which is in demand as a part of racing sport game. In this sport, the adventurer lies on a street luge board to run on a field area i.e. a road or a race course. The rider lies on this board and slide on the declination of the road by keeping their legs in forward directions. A huge amount of risk is involved in this adventurous sport such as serious injuries, collision with other competitors and others. So to prevent serious injuries, helmet, thick leather clothes and goggles wearing must always be involved in such sport.

7. Bungee jumping


In bungee jumping, an elastic cord is tied up on the jumper’s feet and then the jumper jumps from a tall mountain or any other high altitude structure. This adventure is also known as free fall jumping because the jumper falls freely in this sport through a fixed object. Note that the object must be stationary because jumping from a movable object leads to the motion of the jumper in to and fro direction as in case of harmonic oscillation. In this jumping, when the jumper falls from the height to the extreme position (determined by the length of the cord), the jumper bounces back in the opposite upward direction. The main reason of this back bouncing is due to the stretching property of the elastic cord. The elastic cord must be of best quality, else it may break and the jumper may die also.

6. Cave Diving


Cave diving is a type of water based diving. Scuba diver as an equipment is used for this kind of diving. Other equipment are sling cylinders, back plate, dive lights. Dive lights to be used must involve cutting edge LED lights. Also one must always have a hold on his breath beneath water in an emergency situation like defects in the breathing equipment like re-breathers. Proper training and guidelines regarding the rules under water and air management must be followed before getting involved in such type of adventure sports. There is no mechanism for replacing the defective instruments, so any mistake can lead serious results.

5. Ice Climbing


Ascending on various shapes of ice formation with the help of ice axes or any other ice chopping tools is known as ice climbing. Ice climbing can be done on two types of ice – alpine ice (found in mountain areas) or water ice (generally found in cliff areas). The equipment used in this adventure depends on the type of ice as whether it is soft, hard, and easily breakable. The modern equipment used now a day is ice screw which is used to screw into the ice for better hold, balance and protection against falling down. The most important equipment used are the pointed boots with toothed claw, used for better hold of ice and help in climbing up the ice.

4. Wing-suit flying


Wing-suit flying involves flying of human being in air with the help of a Wing-suit which increase the flying height level of the flier. These Wing-suit when worn by the fliers are assumed to be of some specific shape and hence are also called as bird-man suit or bat suit or flying squirrel suit. When the flying is over, a parachute is opened at a specific height for a safe landing on the ground. Accidents may occur in case when the parachute does not open before landing, or there may be defect in the Wing-suit such that the body falls freely and lead to death.

3. Rock climbing


The activity of climbing up the mountains and rock walls with or without the help of any external agent or entity is known as rock climbing. Proper training must be taken before proceeding further into any competition of rock climbing. Rock climbing are characterized into different types like Aid climbing, Free climbing, Rope climbing (top and bottom rope) and Lead Climbing. Out of entire these, free climbing is the most difficult and dangerous climbing as it involves no equipment for climbing except your own hands and physical strength. To prevent from being injured, a rope is tied for back up. Free soloing free climbing does not involve any kind of rope or any other equipment and thus is the deadly adventure ever.

2. Steep Creeking


Steep creeking is an adventurous sport which takes place in low volume river water with descending waterfalls. Canoes and Kayaks are used for such adventure sport to remove river obstacles. The other equipment’s used in this sport are float bags, pin kits, medical first aid kits, elbow pads, throw bags. Various hazards which can occur during this task are Strainers, Waterfall, Isolation, Portages, Sieves, and Undercuts.

1. Base jumping


BASE jumping is abbreviated as Building, Antenna, Span and Earth. Base jumping is called so because it provides a base of non – movable stationary objects from which a jump can be made. Base jumping is somewhat similar to that of sky diving. The difference between them is that base jumping involves jumping from lower height from a fixed object, while this is not the case in sky diving. Due to low altitude, the terminal velocity is not reached and hence reaction time for parachute opening is less as compared to sky diving. Due to low reaction time, it is considered as the most dangerous adventure in the whole world. Legal permission must be taking while going for a Base jumping.

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