Top 10 Disadvantages of Having a Pet

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I’m getting the inspiration for writing this topic from all the arguments my parents make when I ask them if I can have a pet!  There is no denying the fact that pets are one of the most wonderful blessings a human can have in his life. They love you, they care for you, console you in their own ways and can certainly make one’s life beautiful. A pet can also be a better friend than most human beings and their loyalty and affection is unmatched. But keeping a pet can also be a tedious task. Besides the numerous positive reasons one can have to keep a pet they also have some disadvantages and can cause several inconveniences to everyone around that might make you want to get rid of them sometimes. Read on to know about top 10 such disadvantages that you should keep in mind while thinking about petting a creature.

10 Expenses


Buying a pet can be pretty expensive, especially for the purebred ones you will have to shed off a huge price. Where pets like toucan and palm cockatoo are among the most expensive pets in world, many popular breeds of dogs like Rottweiler and German Shephard are also very expensive to buy. While you may consider this just as a onetime expense but the regular requirements of your pet can also get very heavy on your pockets. Getting license, buying toys, leash and other accessories, buying special pet food and good quality products, all these can knock off your house budget.

9. Requires a shelter


When you are keeping a pet you also got to make sure that you provide them with a proper shelter where they can stay with comfort. You might need to build a doghouse for your dog or have a cage for your birds but making a proper shelter is an important requirement of all pets.

8. Diseases and illness


Once you have a pet you are also responsible for their health and wellness and have to provide extra attention to their well-being. Pets can have ticks and can catch many ailments due to a number of reasons. One has to be very cautious with their health all the time. They should never be left alone in public areas as catching diseases from street animals is easy and quick. Moreover many diseases can be transmitted from pets to humans so not just their healthy the owner’s health can also be affected causing illness.

7. Can be dangerous sometimes


Even the cutest and the most innocent looking pets can be very dangerous at times causing serious troubles to others around. In case of dogs, biting and scratching is a common problem that can cause infections because of being poisonous. Also such a bite requires immediate first aid and stiches, even injections. Other than dogs pets like wild cats and chimpanzees can also be very dangerous to have especially for the strangers visiting your home who the pet is unfamiliar with.

6. Can be a nuisance too


Though you will love your pet with all your heart and adore all their little silly actions but they can also get on your nerves with constant barking or making other sounds and messing up with your stuff. And nobody likes to get awakened at 3 o’clock in night with the loud barks or growling of their pet. This might also make your neighbours hate your pet and you as well. Pets can be a nuisance sometimes like when they start chewing off your favourite shoe or tear off your clothes with their nails. They might lick your assignment papers or spill coffee over it so you have to learn dealing with these too.

5. Cleanliness and hygiene


Having a pet can be very messy and if you are one of those cleanliness freaks then you always have to be on your toes to watch for all the clutter and filth your pet is creating around the house (and also on streets, very important!). Pets like dogs and cats usually shed their body hair, except for some non-shedder breeds, leaving all your linens and sofas covered with their hair. Also when not trained properly or during sickness they can urinate, poop and vomit inside your house that you will have to clean up every time. So if you are thinking about keeping a pet then first you have to be willing to clean their dung.

4. Regular grooming and check-ups


When we are talking about cleanliness it’s not just your house or the surroundings that you are concerned about but an even more important thing is cleanliness of your pet. Many pets like dogs and cats require regular bathing and sessions of grooming where they are cleaned with special products, get their nails and fur trimmed and brushed properly. A pet also needs regular check-ups from veterinarian who will make sure of the health of your pet. This grooming and health check-ups of your pet can consume lots of time and also money which again makes keeping pets “not so pocket friendly”.

3. Shouldn’t be left alone at house


Before bringing home a pet it is also imperative to make sure that you can devote the time, effort and care required by your pet. This also means that your pet requires a great deal of love and care also when you are not at home like when on vacations or while doing a double shift on work. One can’t neglect the requirements of their pet while going out for days as the pet depends on the owner for almost all its requirements like food, water, shelter etc. Thus keeping in mind the availability of somebody and some place where you can keep your pet when needed is necessary or be prepared to see a semi destructed house on returning from your vacations.

2. Require time and care


As I already said that you need to devote lots and lots of time and effort to your pet which becomes quite a concern for many who cannot manage out enough time. A pet’s responsibility is no less than your own baby’s. One has to be there to feed them, comfort them and provide them medical help whenever needed by the pet. In a household where everyone goes to work for whole day keeping a pet can be not a very good idea as they need attention and somebody who looks upon them. Many pets also require proper training to get adjusted with the household and its people.

1. Losing them is heart breaking


In spite of all the disadvantages mentioned above a pet is worth keeping. It can fill your world with a million joys and give you so many reasons to smile every day. Once you have them they become a part of the family and you don’t love them any less than your sibling or your child. Hence losing your pet under any circumstances is heart breaking and can leave you devastated. If your pet gets lost or kidnapped, you will feel like your child has been taken away. And when their life is coming to an end then seeing your pet in that condition can traumatize anybody and when ultimately they pass away the loss is almost unbearable.

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  • JoannieO

    Another disadvantage is being allergic to pet dander. You can buy an expensive hypoallergenic puppy, such as a goldendoodle, but even then, an allergist may tell you that you may still be allergic to that particular type of dog. Owning a dog or cat is a great joy, I know–had a super dog in the 1970s when “dogs ran free,” and times were much different. Simply think before you purchase or obtain a pet from a shelter; your Wallet and your Time will thank you !