Top 10 Driving Habits Everyone Must Follow

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Driving is not an easy task. People can learn how to drive in within a month but to drive on a road, you must have certain habits. In case you don’t have these habits, you are very much vulnerable to accidents; not just being the victim of those accidents, rather making others who are present on the road as victims. All of us must be very careful while driving on a road. We may think that we will be able to drive even while changing the radio channels, drinking coffee with one hand and talking to someone. But multitasking is not to be done while driving. Many habits must be implemented and followed to be a good driver. Some of them are:

10. Free passage to ambulance:


People must understand that if any ambulance or a fire vehicle is rushing at the scene, it will need some space on the road. Make way for such vehicles and leave their way so that those vehicles can have free passage and reach the destination in proper time. Blocking their way may lead to someone’s death because they couldn’t reach the hospital on time or couldn’t reach the fire site in time. Please ensure that when you drive, you keep your senses active and make way for any ambulance, fire vehicle or a police van running to a crime scene. Stay out of their way so that they can take control of the situation.

9. Do not overtake:


Never overtake while driving. Remember that you and the other drivers on the road are here for a purpose and you must not overtake any of them. Overtaking may lead to sever accidents. When you overtake someone, it means that you struggle and bring you vehicle ahead of the other one. It means that overtaking involves risks. One must not overtake until and unless the vehicle in front of you is driving way more slowly than required and you are late for some reason. Only during urgent cases may a driver overtake the other, otherwise not.

8. Keep Left:


The driver must always try to drive to left hand’s side and allow the rest of the road traffic to pass through the right. This driving habit will help you to prevent any kind of traffic jam or accident. Keeping left is the mantra of driving. All the ambulances and police vans will drive on the right hand side of the road. Many other vehicles which are driving at a speed more than the limit will drive on the right side of the road, whereas all of us must keep left. Try to drive as much closer as you can to you left hand’s side.

7. Follow the speed limits:


The speed limits are very important. There are different speed limits depending on the area in which you are driving. For example, if is the road with a school, you are supposed to drive slowly or if you driving on a hill which is landslide prone, you must drive very slowly. These speed limits are set like this way so as to avoid accidents of masses. The driver must note the place where he is and then progress as per the requirement, never more than that. Following the progress rules will avoid any kind of accident from your hands. This habit must be followed to prevent some road disastrous and car crashes.

6. Use indicators:


Indicators are a very useful method of communicating while driving. Sometimes, if you want to take a turn and the others on the road are not aware of it. You should make them aware of your next move, otherwise, there may be an accident as two drivers may cross the same point at the same time. If you use indicators, the others on the road will be aware of you next move and will set their speeds and directions accordingly. So it is a very good habit to use indicators while you emerge, exit or turn, so that everyone knows what you intend to do and where you intend to go.

5. Wear seat belts:


Those all who drive a four wheeler or any other heavy vehicle which includes a seat-belt must take care that their seat belt is fastened. Wearing a seat belt prevent the body to suffer from major injuries in case of sudden halt of sudden progress. If a person is not wearing seat-belt, his/her body may experience jerks and get injured in case of a sudden accident. Wearing a seat-belt will protect you and prevent you from falling over the vehicle and hurt you head. Even the person who is not driving must use the seat belt without fail.

4. Wear Helmets:


A person on a two wheeler must drive wearing a helmet to protect himself from any serious injuries in case of an accident. This is a very important habit and people must take care of this. Even the one who is sitting behind and not driving must wear a helmet. Wearing a helmet is very essential because in case of road accidents, mostly the part of the body which is heavily injured is head. Any injury on head may lead to sudden death. So, it is very important to follow this habit for safety and wear helmet.

3. Don’t use phones:


This must be understood very carefully. A person must have the habit of not receiving calls while driving. If in case, the call may be urgent, he must have the habit of stopping the vehicle at the side of the road and then receive the call. Using the phones while driving diverts your attention from the road and you are not focused any more. This makes the driver more vulnerable to accidents as he is not paying attention to where is he going and rather paying attention to the phone call. The traffic rules indicate that a person using a phone while driving will be punished with a fine as well imprisonment in worst cases.

2. Don’t’ drink while driving:


You must be in a habit of driving sober. Drinking and driving is against the rules and everyone should follow the rule in every manner possible. When people drink and then drive, they are not in their complete senses and they don’t know what is happening. They may not be aware of the vehicle right ahead of them and may not happen to notice the signal. Such people are the reasons of so many accidents. Sometimes, these drunk drivers also kill themselves in the accident and their family suffers the loss. If people stop drinking before and while they drive, the number of road accidents may decrease by a significant amount.

1. Don’t run lights:


This is the habit that each and every person on the road with a vehicle in hand must follow. People are often seen breaking the rules related to traffic lights. Specially, all the youngsters are found doing this. Running the lights means driving even if the signal shows a red light. There are three colors in the traffic lights. Each color has a unique message and must be known to everyone. Green light indicates ‘Go’, Orange light indicates ‘prepare and wait’ and Red light indicates ‘Stop’. People must know that this is a crime and must be punished for running the red signal with some fine or in worst cases, imprisonment.

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