Top 10 Most Expensive Beauty Procedures

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No more beauty lies in the eyes of its beholder. Instead beauty lies in the overall persona and appearance in today’s splendor freak era. Beauty procedures have become foremost priority and looking finest has become the supreme concern. If you have a heavy pocket then for sure this is the easiest way to look martinet. Apart from adorning expensive clothes and accessories it is also important to have stylish hair styles, clean nails, properly shaped body curves and toned physique. To achieve the above paradigms there are procedures developed that will ultimately turn you into a different person all together. These processes might turn to be expensive but they will eventually turn you into a different person all together.

10:- Body spa: -

Whenever you want to relax, go for a body spa. I can bet, it will remove all your fatigue and will make you feel wonderful. There are various types of spa’s like Ayurveda body spa, hair spa, fish spa, medical spa, pampering spa etc.Cost is variable in body spa’s as it can range from $20 to $25000 depending on the luxury and requirement. Body spas are actually posh as they engulf whole body leisure and relaxation techniques. This treatment is costly and therefore much ubiquitous among rich elite class.

9:- Pedicure: -

Pedicure is a procedure in which your foot is treated with diverse stuff to give them more radiant look and release the fatigue out of your feet. Pedicure may range from 20$ to thousand ones depending upon the products used and the brand name. Whenever you have painful heels go for a pedicure. Many automated machines are employed where we can relax our feet. Also, fishes particularly Garra Rufa are there to give you a nice and relaxing pedicure.

8:-Lavish Eye Makeup:-

We always fantasize large eyelashes and beautiful eye shadows. This is possible through proper eye makeup. Eye makeup’s are usually expensive because the products used are highly quality driven as they need to be applied on eyes which are very sensitive. Eye kohl, Eye liner and eye shadows all these constitute a fully fledged eye makeup. Eye makeup’s can make you look really appealing as your eyes will be prolifically decorated with various assigned accessories.

7:- Manicure: -

It’s Sunday and it’s time to pamper your hands and make them look clean, hygienic and beautiful. Manicure is a course of action in which your hands and nails are treated by massaging them or filing your nails. Hands are massaged through various luxurious creams in salons and nails are filed along with application of paint on them. Most lavish and deluxe spa in the world is Harrods.

6:- Hair styling: -

Whenever we want to go for a party, our main emphasis lies on our hair style. It is the hairdo only that makes you look different from the masses. Various hair styles are into trend in this era. You can adorn flat straight hairs or can go for wavy perms. Where rebonding can cost you from $400 to soaring price of thousands of dollars.

5:- Facial Massage:-

Facial massages refer to massaging the skin and making them look more lustrous and scintillating. For this purpose various Beauty Salons are available which will definitely blaze your skin for a day or many depending upon its intensity and products used. Facial massages are premium since the salons have to use expensive products and lot of physical handwork too. This is costly because here the skin is treated with various products depending upon the skin. Various facial masks are also used to keep the skin compact and give it later a much better look.

4:-Body Tattooing: -

Tattooing has become very common in today’s time. This term is definitely not new to us as it was practiced in older times as well as a part of their tradition and culture. Particularly in Africa this needed to be done forcibly or willingly as a part of their custom and religion. However today, it is practiced more to flaunt some kind of obsession, loved ones names or a particular symbol. This procedure is expensive as it involves medicated special needles which are pierced in the body to modify that particular skinned area. These needles contain indelible ink that is pierced into the dermis layer of our skin. Although this process is real painful but it is very famous in today’s generation.

3:-Plastic surgery: -

Another extravagant and exorbitant beauty treatment is Plastic Surgery. It might cost from thousands to lakhs depending upon the type and extent of surgery you desire. Undoubtedly, it has become very expensive but there is no decrements in the number of people opting for the same. This treatment is inordinate and can do wonders if done properly. Many people these days are going for plastic surgery in order to give their different body parts a perfect shape. No matter that body part can be your nose, lips, hands, cheeks; breast etc.It will alter the way it previously looked. After the prevalent acid attacks on females all across the world, this medical treatment became a fortunate thing for such women as it improves the burnt area and made it more presentable. Plastic surgery is also beneficial in case of burns as it helps to remove the burnt skin and give it a better look.

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2:-Hair Transplant: -

You get up in the morning and observed severe hair fall. Nightmare doesn’t end here, you are gradually becoming bald and your head looks like half moon. Out of fear and depression you consult cities best doctors to provide adequate medication for this problem. However all the efforts are futile and finally Dr Batras clinic comes into picturesque. Even after following Dr. Batras rigorous and expensive treatments the result is ineffective. After consulting friends and family you opt for an ultimate solution i.e. hair transplantation. This procedure might be sky-scraping for you but this will let you feel later wards that you have hair on your scalp. This management is for sure expensive as in today’s time a single hair costs in thousands depending upon the requirement. Therefore if you have a heavy pocket and you are gradually becoming bald then go for this process.

1:-Breast Implantation:

Breast implantation is into practice since a long time. Actresses going for the same gave it more recognition and popularity. This process sumptuous as it involves surgery to give your breasts a more voluminous and voluptuous look. Many renowned actress and famous personalities have opted this surgery. Most highlighted and famous amongst all is Sarah Jessica Parker of Sex and the city and it is assumed that she did breast implantation to give them a bigger look. This procedure has many cons and latest one reveals how the women in French who went for this procedure later acquired symptoms of breast cancer and there silicon padding’s had to be removed to curb this menace.


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