Top 10 Facts about Narendra Modi Life

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Narendra Modi is a figure, both of controversy and admiration within India and abroad. Now with the 2014 elections on the way, everybody seems to be heightened up at his candidacy for the next post of PM. The battle lines appear to be drawn between those who magnify the glory of his achievements all over his state and those who still view him through the prism of the 2002 Godhra riot. Narendra Modi, as we all know, is the Chief Minister of Gujarat and is regarded as the longest-serving holder of that post since 2001. He is a member of the RSS and is a Hindu nationalist. He has always been a subject matter of criticism, especially the post Gujarat communal riots. Being a political leader from the NDA, there has been circulation of many controversies about him being a polarized party leader and disturbing the communal harmony of the nation. You have even seen how the Anti-Muslim violence in the 2002 riots in Gujarat invoked a sense of fear and brutality in the whole nation and the latest being the Uttarakhand flood controversy in 2013. On the other hand, he is being praised for the economic development in Gujarat and its highest growth rate among all other states of India including the slogan “Vibrant Gujarat”.
So now since he has gate-crashed Delhi seeking the throne of Prime Minister, he has finally shown that he will leave no stone unturned to achieve his dream including the huge support of his followers. Despite of his political career, how much do you think you know about Narendra Modi and his personal habits? Well, take a look at some of the facts of his life.

10. Dietary practice-

It is seen that Modi is a vegetarian by diet and by vegetarian, I mean a pure vegetarian who never even touched any non-vegetarian meal ever in his entire life. He abstains himself from smoking and drinking, none of the minor vices, as the old saying goes. It is heard that he simply hates liquor consumption and those who drink in and around him are being made to stop consuming at his presence.

9. Modi’s sense of humor?

modi sense of humor

Well, hard to believe that Modi can be humorous after giving us an image of him being a serious political leader!! But the fact is, Narendra Modi is quite jovial and playful in nature with a good sense of humour. Had he not been into politics which made him serious in his career and work, he would be a pleasant company otherwise. He is confident and warm with people and fun-loving.

8. Literary talent-

modi literary talent

A man we usually see around delivering long political speeches in his campaigns and rallies or in any public platform, Modi is also a prolific writer and a poet himself. Yes, he has written many books in Gujarati and his prime topic being about the Hindutva. He has also penned down many poems in Gujarati and in his poetry world, he is considered to be close to Atal Bihari Vajpayee. He is a man of creativity and his writings depicts his sense of emotion (he is pretty emotional as a writer) though a little of depth. One of his famous books is Convenient Action. He didn’t get much limelight about it by media mostly because his writings are in Gujarati.

7. The stand alone case-

modi stands alone

A leader of diligence and high status, none of us perhaps have assumed this amazing fact about Narendra Modi but being the Chief Minister of Gujarat since 2001, none of his family members reside with him in the Chief Minister House, not even his own mother. Seemingly, he stands out among all other CMs of India in this matter. He makes sure that none of his personal or family issue be looked after or given official facility. To say that, there are only three official staffs in his Chief Minister House who look after his personal and administrative works. It is also worth mentioning that none of his family members are in politics.

6. Modi’s close relation-

modi mother relation

Many of you might be unaware of this particular fact about Modi that he shares a close and personal relation with his mother, Heeraben. Almost every night after work, he goes back home to his mother to pay her a visit since she is old enough and needs his attention and care. In the process, she gives him her blessings with a kiss on his forehead. Once a journalist, after finishing off with his interview with Modi asked him at around 9 pm as what would he do after that to which a surprised Modi said and I quote, “Go home to my mother, of course”.

5. Afraid of flying shoes-

modi afraid of flying shoes

How many of you enjoy the scene of flying footwears coming right from the crowd and hitting directly at the politicians in public? Quite a scene, right? Well, this is what precisely Narendra Modi is afraid of!! He is absolutely terrified of such public humiliations. Witnessing such actions being done to other political leaders (Chidambaram, etc), Modi makes sure that erected nets are fenced all around the dais in all of his public meetings to save himself from getting embarrassed by flying shoes.

4. Modi is a bachelor??

modi bachelor

Now this seems to be a matter of speculation as to whether Modi is a bachelor or is married. I, for one, never believed what I read on this topic but this sure has had me sort of startled for some seconds after encountering with the fact. Although he carries an image of a bachelor, he was once married to a woman named Jasodaben when he was 17 and she was 14. As the old customs have it, they had to wait for a few years to meet each other but eventually, he chose his own different path. Like Modi, Jasodaben never remarried as she still considers him to be her husband. It is seen that Modi never makes any comment when asked about his marriage.

3. Modi has a huge female following-

modi as sex symbol

The Gujarati women love and adore him and his personality as he stands tall in criticisms against him and also because of his personal style. It is seen that the ratio of women as compared to men is greater for his meetings and gatherings than it is for other politicians. He has a charisma, an aura of an emperor who exerts power and authority and therefore makes him irresistible to women.

2. Style statement-

modi sense of style

You will never find Modi in his public meetings and/or gatherings in a haphazard manner. He has a great sense of style and that basically includes his trimmed beard and perfect haircut. His clothes, especially his half-sleeved kurtas that you often see him wearing looks like a khadi kurta and it certainly is, no doubt but it’s nevertheless inexpensive. The famous “Jade Blue” is his designer in Ahmedabad. He is also seen to be a techno savvy, being a frequent user of twitter and creating a mass number of followers unlike other politicians.

1. Rags to riches-

rags to riches

It is hard to believe that such a tech savvy and stylish personality could once upon a time during his childhood ran a small tea stall along with his brother near the bus terminus. After gaining some money to thrive his daily basic needs, he started off to serve tea in the staff canteen of Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation where he used to serve the RSS people and later after coming into contact with them and getting influenced, became a pracharak of the RSS and joined politics.

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