Top 10 Fun Facts about Disney World

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A world of Disney, a world of magic, a world of childhood dreams. This is none but the World of Walt Disney. Formally the Walt Disney World resort, informally the Walt Disney world, this is touted as the place where dreams come true. The place where adults and kids enjoy with their beloved Disney family on a scale that is larger than life itself. Not to be confused with Disneyland which was started in 1955 in California, this idea was conceived in 1959 after Walt Disney wanted a larger land and better control on the venture, which Disneyland failed to provide. As is the aura of the man, he went beyond horizons to fetch the possibility of a whole new world. The genius of the man and his reputation of being a stickler of details is reflected beautifully from the world. Though Walt Disney passed away before this project began, it was his idea which laid the foundation. Here are a few tidbits about the Disney world. Enjoy!

10. The Length and breadth of it


As mentioned, the world of Walt Disney was started to give a larger area than Disney land and cater to a larger population. Thus the Disney world now occupies 25,000 acres of land. It has a whopping 24 themed resorts, four larger than life themed parks, several entertainment prospects like two water parks, five golf courses and fishing amenities along with facility of watercraft rentals like water bikes etc. The four major theme parks include the original Magic Kingdom (1971), Epcot (1982), Disney’s Hollywood studios (1989), and Disney’s Animal Kingdom (1998).  The Size of Disney world is same as that of San Francisco or 2 Manhattan islands.

9. Cast and crew


Having established the magnitude of the place, let’s take a look at the oompah-loompahs of Disney world. The Disneyworld employs 66,000 people, shelling out 1.2billion on payroll alone. It is the largest, one-site employer of USA.  It has live shows, performances, afternoon parades and everything leads to the whopping figure of 66 thousands. This crew is involved in cleaning the street every night and making the world minty fresh.

8. Costumes


One essential question that pops up from the preceding point is as the cast is in costumes, where the costume goes for a wash. 550 workers have a job profile of washing 120,000 pounds each day! This is not just the human cast, it is the Mickey Mouse and chimp-mucks have large wardrobe of their own.  Mickey Mouse has 175 different sets of costumes, from swim-wear to slick tuxedos. And Minnie Mouse has over 200 outfits with flowing gowns and tennis outfits!

7.  The PINs


How would you have loved the idea of birthday at Disney? Disney knows it and if it happens to be your birthday than all you have to do is let them know it’s your birthday. You will get a batch saying Happy Birthday which you can pin on your shirt and strut around with people wishing you luck all day long. The Disney employees will treat you real nice. This is also available for the first time visitor’s batch and I am celebrating batch. So let the world know you are happy and they will multiply the happiness for you.  If you invite Mickey and Minnie for your birthday, they will send you a batch to you with wishes. If Cinderella and Prince charming gets an invite to your wedding, they send you a certificate saying they are proud of you!

6. Lost and found


Apart from the amazing shows and rides and roller coasters, the busiest place on this world is their lost and found section.  Given the size of the park, it is acceptable to lose stuff. Finding them again is a different issue. Every day they record over 200 pair of sunglasses at the dept.  The strangest objects according to the employees are a glass eye and a potty trainer it. They were both reclaimed!

5. Accessories


The mickey ears among many popular accessories available at Disney world.  Along with this there are mickey glasses, Hollywood studio caps, sandals, teddies, watches  etc ,  The number of graphic Disney the-shirts sold every year at Disney world is enough to dress  all residents of Chicago. The level of innovation at Disney ensures that you get more than what you dream. The mint it out pennies are situated around almost every ride so that you can mint out your own souvenir.

4. Mashed up Trivia


The Fountain of Nation at Disney has water form 24 different nations. There are real live animals in the forest reserve of Animal kingdom, this includes giraffes, hippos, ostriches, flaming’s, elephants and lions! They breed in captivity, live in this private forest and are open for public to joy in Safari!  EPCOT was built as Experimental Prototype Community of tomorrow, an attempt to build a city for future, though officially, now it stands for nothing.  At Disney, your senses are played. When you step into the world of Pirates of Caribbean, the air is wafted with smell of sea salts. Same goes for nemo. It is all part of the experience.  Also when you are at one park, you can’t view other parks, again part of the experience.  30 tons of fruits and vegetables are grown in EPCOT ever year and used in the Disney restaurants and resorts.

3.Price of being green


The world of Disney have small patches of gardens with the shrubs shaped into Disney characters, There is lion King, Nemo, Mickey Mouse, Cars etc. This piece of art requires care. There are over 50,000 sprinkler heads, 2000 miles of irrigation pipes. There are 2 million bedding plants to add color to the worlds. And to keep it colorful, well add 3 million more annually.  The liberty tree is the head tree in Magic Kingdom; it has parented over 500 more majestic oaks all over the property. There are no young trees at Disney, How? Well, they have a reserve of trees and whenever a tree outlives its Disney life, it is replaced by a healthy, happy 33 year old form their reserves! Now that is planning ahead!

2. Hidden mickeys


Walt Disney was a keen symbolist and loved to play the public with meanings hidden within meanings. This is reflected in the hidden Mickeys spread all over the Disneyworld.  From the main street to haunted mansions to Cinderella’s castle, the world of Walt Disney has mickeys all over. The guests undertake this challenge to find the hidden mickeys

1. Disney World Castle


Finally, the castle. Contrary to popular belief, the castle is made up of fiberglass and not stones. There is a hotel suit inside the castle with princess beds and flat screen TV’s disguised as the magic mirror, (snow white, remember?). One can’t book these suits for it is the spoils of the winner, chosen form the guests.  The fireworks are a treat for the guests. The lights create illusion of all beloved Disney family. From Pirates to Nemo to Peter-Pan and off-course Mickey Mouse it’s a riot of colors and joy.  Tinker bell flies in front of the castle with fireworks marking the end of the evening.

The world of Disney is too big to be contained a list however this list is sure to spark the Disney magic. Who says there is no time machine, get into the world of Walt Disney and go back to your childhood days.

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